reversing the photon vector: anti gravity

reversal of photon vectors

By Henryk Szubinski
.a theory of the photon in its vectors as a format for triangulations that defines the type of cloud chamber experiements with electrons due to the problem at the time of the photon being too small to be visable

The electron is actually 10 x smaller than the vapour trail it leaves behind which is visable as the vector motion of the electron

What the photon vectors will show is the 10 x to 100 x reductions of a type gravity that can be observed when a falling body mooves due to inertia of a previous motion

Basically; not a atomic theory, but a basic triangulation that can be used to observe events in spacetime where photons and time dialation are continually faseing into transform values into one another

But a theory on how a super symmetry of a locatability and time reversal values that can define why black holes are the way they are as well as some applications on the type star destroyers in their super triangulations that result in the photon vectors as anti gravity

the random positionings of a photon in space

the basics of the vector curve for a photon in relative gravity of a sharp triangulation

the basics of a reversability of the 3rd vector curve

basic definition of the speed of light in reverse as a faster way to triangulate events along the universal horizon than it is for the mass of a photon to displace in a curve effected by gravity that cannot vectorise the photon vector into any vector direction but is basically alterable by photon reversal as a format for vector alterations of its vector directions.


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