SETI: the communications device

the basic SETI programme needs some tangible force to relate to the communications with extra solar or exo planetary system humans by the force of gravity as related to in this theory on the usage of pre defined pressure formats of small keys that are density specified by carrefull compressions into specific density values of a similar key sized are or volume so that the whole keyboard is a basic type of key input that specifies the minimal or high value alterations in the specifics of a steady state of relative parameters around, lets say the alpha Centauri star system by taking the measurements where they are
This can be modified to fit the general para meters of any position in the universe by using the values as they are observed in a momentary situation of the related reality of a basic interactive system that defines the special relativity of such parameters in unison with each other

the type of communicative device as shown in the movie

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind


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