Without waiting for her response, he called out to Sparrow to stay with Owl, then summoned Panther, Bear, and Candle and went out the door, waiting only long enough to hear the locks click into place before climbing the stairs to the streets.
—Armageddons Children
Just to be certain, he had waited on the other side of the metal barrier until he heard the heavy latch click into place.
—Armageddons Children
Cole heard the lock click into place, then footsteps receding in the distance.
—Cinderella At The Ball
So in Michigan don’t just expect the EB to automically click into play!
—About.com Job Searching
Something will click into place, and there you’ll be. ‘
—Masters Of The Vortex
Fleshy palms smack artfully loosened metal as a few hundred rifles click into rows.
—Funeral In Berlin
A single pale-green plaque fell with a muted click into the hopper.
—The Golden Torc
But my ear began to sting like anything as I stood looking up at the three Fangios on that caravan step this morning – and it was that that made everything click into place.
—The Mystery of the Missing Man
The sense of constantly being watched has diminished, and here the king feels himself click into place like a deadbolt securing a door.
—Asimovs Science Fiction
JOHN BARNES makes it click into place, and he’s been in Washington for far too long not to realize that if so much is being kept from him, it’s because he’s more important than he thinks he is.
—Mother Of Storms

You should be able to feel the pins click into place with the right amount of tension; experience will be your true guide.
—Secrets Of Lock Picking
A creak follows, and finger by finger, the hand of illumination balls up with a click into a fist.
—Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas
After he had gone, Complain heard the magnetic lock click into place.
Sometimes the least likely interview produces the most valuable tidbit, the single element that makes all the other elements click into place. ‘
—Texas! Lucky
He showed her where the five-cartridge magazine slid with a click into the belly of the weapon.
—Hot Pursuit
‘It’s been bothering me all morning but the numbers didn’t click into place until I noticed your profile just now.
—The Rolling Stones
Cold with terror, the viscount saw fragments of information click into a terrifying new pattern.
—Dearly Beloved
I designed a little program that I click into every time I get an interruption-like a phone call or someone asks me a question-or I have to change a tape in my Walkman.
They jeep-patrolled the site and watched everything click into on-go status.
—American Tabloid
He did so, and as he lay quiescent in his bunk the tiny pieces of an incredibly complex jig-saw puzzle began to click into place.
—Children of the Lens

You will hear the tumblers click into place when this happens.
—Secrets Of Lock Picking
The Duke is a capable and strong downhill binding, which can click into touring mode so that you can slap on your climbing skins and leave the confines of the resort without compromising downhill performance.
—The Vail Trail – All Sections
He slid it forward, opened the pan and felt that the powder was still in place, then eased the flint back until he felt it click into place.
—Sharpes Eagle
With Fav. or.it you can make comments on blog posts from within its reader – no need to click into a browser to the original post.
—Fav.or.it launches beta to the invited crowd
For all the other ones, you have to click into the show to see the description.
—Overview: The End of Paper TV Guides
While urinating on the evening of the third day, the ball escaped from the urethra and fell with a click into the chamber.
—Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
Once visitors find the “Everywhere” links on the home page and click into the dedicated mobile page, a simple mobile tactic becomes evident.
—Obama Gets Mobile Right
Cool Previews – If you ever find yourself just wanting to peek at a link before you actually click into the site itself, then Cool Previews is for you.
As he did so, the ball fell with a rattling click into a red compartment of the wheel; and, as it ceased to revolve and it was seen that at last the big winner had picked the wrong colour, a shuddering groan ran through the congregation like that which convulses the penitents ‘bench at a negro revival meeting.
—The Adventures of Sally
You do want to describe what you are promoting in the title, but it should in said in such a way that it begs the viewer to click into the link to read more.
—Mywebblogs.com Master Site Feed

In part he was able to click into that tender inquisitive probing and non-judgmental listening called empathy, but the thing that clicked his brainwaves in this circuitry was often selfish.
—Corpus of a Siam Mosquito
Presently, from the landing above, he heard the lock of her bedroom door click into its socket ….
—The Splendid Folly
When will people — Americans — evolve to that next increment, when will that one tooth on the cog click into its complimentary notch, thus ensuring real progress in the pursuit of happiness, a pursuit that is our most basic motivation?
—Steven Weber: Neglected Gifts
Yuki San’s wooden shoes sent a sharp click into the quiet morning air as she quickly crossed the arched bridge and followed the path to the stone image beyond the pool.
—Little Sister Snow
She was knitting for the soldiers at the front, but she let the needles drop with a faint click into her lap.
—Before the Dawn A Story of the Fall of Richmond
Peter Stoupe humming his psalm-tune, and heard my types click into the stick.
—Sir Ludar A Story of the Days of the Great Queen Bess
The Bamapela have adopted a click into their dialect, and a large infusion of the ringing “ny”, which seems to have been for the purpose of preventing others from understanding them.
—Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
As the bells ring and the recording telephones click into every house the news that war has come, there will be no running to and fro upon the public ways, no bawling upon the moving platforms of the central urban nuclei, no crowds of silly useless able-bodied people gaping at inflammatory transparencies outside the offices of sensational papers because the egregious idiots in control of affairs have found them no better employment.
—Anticipations Of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human life and Thought
In a little while his shuffling footfalls had concluded with the doorway at the top of the cellar stairs, the latch was heard to click into place, and all was still.
—The Flaw in the Sapphire
Don’t be a fool, click into our slideshow to see where the stars of the classic television series “The A-Team” are now.
—LocalNews8.com – Local News 8 – Headlines


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