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By Henryk Szubinski

videos by Youtube

a exo planet in a gaseous state is very fragile due to the background values of some of the super massive pulsars that can be seen in the infrared but unobservable but for a burst on the visable spectrum
This type of fragile background imprint will have a great effect on all of the weather on every exo planet in the universe by the basic atmospherics of the types of relations with a see thorigh on the basis of penetrations of photons and their limed amount of ultra voiolet spread on the basics of both polar values of a gas planet in a opposition that is not variant but will simulate the basic requirement of the imprint of theese super large pulsars and their influence on the whole universe in a basic format relatable to intelligence by the basics of the divisives of human intelligence into a basic central meridean of the same thermal values such as the effectes on exo planets with attmospheres by their simulations of the super pulsar values in a type of envelopement of the basics in type 1,2,3 H2O atmospherics

the uncertainty being the basis of the values for sustainablity of human life as the basis of the theory in a continuiim of values related to its displacability as a type of translucency related to H2O (f) as a type of lens.


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