flying car : experimental astrophysics of anti gravity

flying car experiment

By Henryk Szubinski

a flying car like the ones in the sci fi movies is pretty hard to define as being real: some basic concept the was needed to define any basic unit that would lift and stay there regardless of the position or its interactions with lift by ati gravity

So basically the theory had to have some basis in basic field values such as the resistance of a opposed gravity field and the reasons it would stay where it is basically in the air with a minimal basis of adjustability from 1 metre above level and any basic level

The usage then of a basic sustainement field was necessary to define the function = MAINTAIN and the basis of the universe where such a related to STABILITY would be reinforced by basic decimals in relation to a static positional state and its basis of superstability

basic sprokket law of its motion within the flying car
as the law defined above

and the illustration of the basic BUBBBLE LAW

the impulse sprokket head can be defined in 3 positions with the x value given in the diagram so that a z axial and y axial sprokket can relate to all 3 in basic swing as the gravity SLACKNESS value which will lift

3 basic sprokkets on each side will define the Euclidean coordinates of x y z axials so that basic interactions can be defined on x = F
y = m

basic mass at the ends of the sprokkets

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