black hole angle problem

the black hole angle problem

By Henryk Szubinski

on the angle in reductions by a similar angle of reduction by motion of the event horizon

basics on the translatory values for vectros and the event horizon as the black hole definition

this basically defines the angle /5 as the amount of rotations in the event horizon multiples in a vertical reduction by the basics of 0.18 degrees difference between any amount of event horizon proximals as the event AREA in the vertical stakk being > the prime event = LIFT
the baics on the displacement = x is the basis of the alterations of the displacement x value as a reduction of the vector value by the usage of angle interactive reductions
the 5 limit of the amount of platforms uses the same force by the types of limited 5 angle rotation stages in the conserved 5 stakk as the x value alterations by 0.18 S vector x involvements with reduction or increase


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