quantum CHOICE alternator of quantum reality

quantum choice
By Henryk Szubinski
videos by Youtube

between the mind and body as the quantum realm of consciousness based on the basics of the intervals of the data on the values of end value parameters where the basics of the displacements in the formats of the total universe and what is based on the functions of frequency values and their bio kinetics = to the data on the formats of the functions of the value of sustained basics similar to the formats of the totals as based on the functions of the motivations by the data on resistors in the quantum reality where the basis of the data on the values of occilations between the open realms linked by atomic bonding as the vector value of the quant relaity on which alternate hemisphere can be accessed by a higher velocity on the basics
as the basics of the uncertainty of the lvele s in which the basics on the value system = the types of value levels where a vector singular certainty of one theory expands into a zone of reduced point specifics of unrealised parameters known of as the unknown of the basic dark matter in which the alternate BOND 0 1 positive CHOICE LINK =the divisives on the angle used for the seperations of expansions into decimal opposed volume parameters on the alternate hemisphere as the basic values of the full plasma type alternate relaity of uncertainty as the larger volume of dark matter will force the flow of the plasma by basic curvature of warping as the oppositions of decimals by the oppositions into curvature of a value multiple in the opposeed parameter.

this is the basis of surveyance not as a quantally interexchangable quant mind reality but the basis of type MARS spaceship drives at either end of a sutained lift function of the type PUNCH it values that relate to the proximity and interactions of the crucial parameters of atmosphere as a example ABOVE THE MARS atmosphere so that the basis of this type density field of what defines life is the basic interactions of the multiple curvatures of the possibility to extend the functions of spaceships by the parameters of its relatable similarity.

basically IMAGE AUDIO INTERELATED type CELLULARITY of a exo planetary basis can motivate any basic warping of thoose values


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