universe response

UNIVERSE response

on the universal non response to humans by universe as technology

By Henryk Szubinski

as a basic full universe of human adaptations would be resultant in no universal response


Fuhen-tekina ōtō ga ningen no tekiō no kekka no kanzen’na uchū

basically the whole curvature surface can be turned towards the start point meaning that when a high value velocity is used on the basis of the start incline as being inside a spaceship and the curvature of the surface as being closer to the point of displacement as the value to reach by such displacement which will conserve a basic amount of spacetime in the motion of where the motivations for displacements seperates at the point of the parameter LINK
this can be defined in arrays of the same types of surfaces so that in total the BOOST would > than the amount of sectioned surfaces or = to the displacement boost aquired


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