Quest….ion : Morisson and the cooperative

a speculative article
By Henryk Szubinski

using the Paul Brunton method of discernement to seperate the mediative dangers of cross cultural missunderstandings by the formats of meditation as was image based systems developed by the concept of MEDITATIONS as Paul Bruntons gathered and cleared data for a basic concept 1,to 2 to 3
shown following

QUEST on case abductives and the types of technology used:

1) image
2) human adio / artificial simulations
3) human motoric type simulations of human robotics

on the basis of Jim Morrison and the faked death experience and the subsequent AFTER DEATH ABDUCTION OF HIS CHILDREN
as ALIVE but having his children kidnapped from him and not being able to tell anyone due to the FAKED DEATH BUT ON LEVELS OF SECRECY the communications with his dad on top levels of security as continuing the communications
His father and the top men in the governement decided to make a investigation into the
cases in US history that were supportive of the cases in families
where the same basis of proof against a existance and
the kidnapp scenario the greatest copperatives in the world
decided to make a stature of representation of this problem
as the locatability of the proof of life as relates to the
basis of abductions of children in such cases
the evidence basis was defined as the proof of life and the exsitance of life form biological evidence of life beyond the durations of
a life span

the basic case for the protections of such case subjects by the
implied identities and the secrecy of cases with threats in the
families as regarded new identities was of crucial value
Basically Jim made the concept his goal to locate his children
and to find the causes of such cases in history
the basis of the UFO cover was used to designate the children as
reincarnate evidence of previous abductions of the case subjects
of their parents in times long pased in history
the special cases of the UFO cases that supported a value
of a 5 year span in time as in positive values to retreive and locate the cases by triangulations
The cooperative was built as the largest central investigations operative in the world previous to the war that resulted from the
cases of abductions that related to the case histories of the human function as a economical basis by the general amount of cases for
the MEDIA industry.

the prblem of a type missing time as related to a generational alterations where the missing time = missing visuals
as well as missing time = missing type human robotic responses in which the human fysiology of its basic reflex impulses has missed some crucial data on the recognitions of human sound recognitions
so that the missing time = the basics of human responses to a type of recorder of the data in which the human motion is data divisive into a type robotic similarity of the human motion as broken by some robotic rythm


a large majority of the sci fi newspaper markets were run by the cooperative which by their history have lasted for 30 years as eveerything concerning abductions: upto the point where maybe jim himself was lost

the basic levels of a type human locative barrier is currently known as the positive Pandrogen: Others, cuoms, BFI s , WE I’s etc……



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