magnetic A.I Mars applications

mnagnetic artificial intelligence
By Henryk Szubinski

lots of new HUBB or HEADS up drives on computerised animations sequences
you might want to look it up on Youtube

some basic environments of the basics in usage for the types of background and foreground image interactions as the basis of a LINK value that connectes them

you might want to HUDD or HUBB MARS with your own human magnetic compass function as the type of interactions with cognitive wire linkages that are used in cognitive controll of basic on screen values and immerse them in a H2O (f) type magnetic indicator for the types 1,2,3 of magnetic water interactions on the way to define the interactions by computer interfaces where the screen is basically magnetically orientated to the motion of a float bubble of H2O (f) so that this is cognitivelly interactive on A.I basis, the same values in usage for the amounts of data by level of float = the basics on the general levels in which the interactive images are related to basic uncertainties of the vector balance of H2O(f) as relates to the INERTIA of a planetary vector rotations direction and the edge values of planetary interactions.


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