force on inclines and black hole theory: cubic alterations and stable cubic systems

cubic alterations and stable cubic systems

by Henryk Szubinski
of the basics in the incline values of objects on inclines as the law of vector directions of such bodies in motion on inclines

the general law of equalisation by cancelled values of a vector total = a singularity
the problem is not that the singularity is between 2 inclines or their parallells but that the vector incline shares the rotational values in basic levels of rotational vector directions as the level of the incline which can be defined as a spread value that seperates theese events into their relations of symmetry by the spread vectors being the basic area of the trigonomtery of the incline as a basic definition of a black hole in the incline computations of Tan x / 4 rotational moments in the dynamical system of relating theese tan vectors outwards by the decrease and inclrease of curvature that defines the layers of rotatability.


one additional field of rotations will define the gravity on 4 value unified rotataions fields in a tan triangle as

110 g = x/z

this then is the theory of black holes and the frce of rotations on inclines


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