vector V universal displacers; theory on recognitions

the vector V recognitive theory
a universal formulation of vector motions
By Henryk Szubinski

to get somewhere really fast you might need a sequence of x fold Artificial Intelligence based on quant computers and their utilisations of a 10 000 sequenced atomic computator or you might want to make the reductions of superconductivity work for your wires by a basic resistance fold down and data transferrals at a highe speed of information.. You might also want to make the jump into hypeerspace if you own the millenium falcon or make the anti gravity work for you by a common value of sustained lift in a flying car that works by the amount of weight and the x value folding of the symmetrical basis

IN GENERAL: this theory is like a technical BUSINESS ANGEL in that it will work to always lift the values that are uncontrollable into the state of a top value ahead of the competition much like ANAKIN SKYWALKER quote : ” you look like a deep space angel”

the theory that will define any 2 S vector LINKAGES in motion through a field horizon as the basis of the types of force amount by related values of swing and the rotatability values on any left &/or right hemisphere values as the basis of REAL and NOT REAL vector combinations as well as definig the type 1,2,3 triangularities in motion through a field as the basis of the priority of the usage of V vector combinations and the levels of a 90 degree symmetry of the triangles that are super symmetrical in the identifications which can alter the horizon side into a definition of how to maintain stability of the symmetrical triangles as non aquired by computations tghat define their degree of force and their point parameters where such vectors are conserved in force amount.

WILL WORK AS A TYPE 1,2,33 H2O TECHNOLOGY BY BASIC APPLICATIONS OF THE X V FOLD VALUES BEING MOTIVATED BY H2O (f) as types of bubbles dispersed through the vector fieild by bouncing upp and down in the applied format used for displacement and basic lift and gravity interactions.

basically this theory will also compute the internal volume values and the seperations of volume solids in volume fluidities such as H2O (s) and H2O (f)
in which the basis of the horizontal flattening has a basis of response by a leveling of the interactions on the similarity between 2 volumes and their LINKAGE into multiple volume equalisations by conservations of the law of HUBBS as well as the applications on the compressability and extensions of the FULL value indications where the horizon will seperate on the y value = 0 so that any amount of rotations or swing can be generated by the amount of x value in seperation or LINKING as well as the values collected on the totals as the swing sum values in the opposed field of the 1 st and 2 nd quadrance so that all values can be centred .
this then indicated the level of a full sphere and the basis of input by accerted multiples or without any multiple force inside the sphere and can be used to generate the 4 stages in the definitions of to what extent the usage of force has been active in the formation of force spheres by quadrance sequences..


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