the universe as the distributions of space as a 10 X greater value for the density or distributions of comparative densities between the Andromeda and the MILKY WAY
as a example of the common value taken as being between all galaxies
and the basics of the universe being on a 10 000 star conflict of all the density fields in the universe and the galaxies between this type of density as based on the larger universal relative values of the 0.0036 degrees = this type of density
so that the basics of the amount of star systems that share the action and reactions between this singularity through the universe as a whole will case basic distributions problems of density by the maintainements between 2 point values as a example of 2 galaxies will basically be applied to every vector LINK between 2 points as related to the size of the first galaxy and the oldest galaxy as the values that can be mapped by BINARY vector LINKS as effected by the minimal angle = density of the universe.

the theory of the 0.036 degree variance of the universes angle as related to missing spacetime between the specific amounts of stars and their volumetrical capacity as related to a example of apples and baskets


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