the never theorem of the universe

Andromeda Galaxy
by Henryk Szubinski

a galaxy that is as

where there is no water : type 1 H2O solid technology
where there is no life : type 2 H2O fluid technology
where there is no intelligence: type 3 H2O gaseous technology
but forever the never that is: type 4 H2O plasma technology

Youre looking at it
basic technology of the similar existance of technology as replacemeent of H2O and the real state H2O as the existance of a singular definition of such technology

somethings were meant to be like that forever
amongst other galaxies
Why ?
because there is no chance
eventhough it was made to last forever in the span of time and size
the chanceless

somewhere along the time line of the formations of galaxies in the universe
a critical amount of force was altered into a simultaneous force that is the same as with
galaxies like the milky way having the possibilities of life and so on.
But the same can be said of the Andromeda as related to the size of its parameter in every direction
as in every variance of possible combinations taken as in the speed of light
but the variances are all run trough without any link made or any contact basis
of any random value related to the size of the universe as the time it would take to locate a life bearing
parameter as = to the time that the Andrromeda develops alongside the size of the universe
and the basic motion vectors of a search
as basic as the force field that defines the common value betweeen all events as being
currently in the interactive stage of force meaning that the size and time values for fowarded displacements
= to the reverse time displacements of the size as related to a tiome value = start of the universe
but with no evidence for the existance of a parameter that is not equal to the end of the universe.
.the unicertainty is basically the size of the time line as against the size exponential and the basics of
total TUBULARITY in the multiples as being 3 S vector F sized = G universe time
at a angle of x = y
or as x/ y = the alterations of decrepitude by morphing of the x/ y tubularity into composite shareing of x as alteratiopns of volume in the spacetime of low spectrality and subsequent alterations of the x/y tubular responses as dark matter and their basic pressure zoneings on tubularity of the basic LINK in the general FORM of the types of LINK substtances that define the STUFF out of which the LINK basics of a simultaneous time = the link into simultaneous FORM
.as size

in a no life scenario of the Andromeda galaxy there is no ordeered exchange of the magnitudes of force as to compute the remaining values of a bio relatability
basically theese type galaxies are damaged and are much like a broken clock
you can measure the time but in reality the start time value and the end time values are dissimilar to the extent that making comparatives results in the total time taken for the universe to start fase and end fase into the type of time that is used by the Earth bound system.


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