V.T.O.L: tail transferrance design

high value transferrance
By Henryk Szubinski.
basics of uncertainty of the usability of the main 3 set of wings as based on the tail set applications of a similar 3 set wing format but smaller so that the
S/ 120 degrees has a basis = F / 3

where each wing is broken inwards

basic tail verger with a rotatable base level transferrance from the nose section base values as verged to the tail section upwards

the basics of the flapp will engege the variance of each wing in its bending inwards as = to the flow controll of the base rotator turbine so that 3 wings will be appliable to alterations of direction by flow on the angle of the wing alterability as the basics of all wings being verged to a vertical angle of each wing flapp.

the side design of the fold or bending of the side of the vechicle is actually a force of a type inwards v formatted wing that works on any multi level vergance of a rotatable type lift by inductions of current flow

basic flattened state of relations with the wings and their turbine

increased values of lift do not imply the linkability by hingeings of the point system abuse


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