law of force fields

the law of unknowns in the universe Force field
By Henryk Szubinski

data basicsx in which the extensionality of the baasic data usability by responsives
in force field retensions are
based on the types of of generalisations of where a force field coupling =value where it is set as as started and the basis of
aand the basis behind the type 1,2,3 H2O technology responsives = angle x
where in usage with the basics of isoceleese triangles
= 180 /3 as a multiple of 2
this defines the basics of the of values used with theese 2 angles as in relation to data
where the 3 value total are 3 angle values by their stability as a type resultance = the basic laws of extensionality
by the usage of the data in as stabilised into a force of resistance
Basically this will define the set sequence of isoceleese triangles as types
where the
1) left sided equation =all applied values are related to STATIC values related to the internal volume in the third fase so that this
level 1 will define the area to start with
the force in displacement to zone 2 as the interactive triangle


this level is based on the formats of the altered parameters of all volume and are combinance of any and all alterations to parameters as dimensionally related to a singularity as computable by the formulation of basic
lim x =values that define the motion of a 1/3 to 2/ 6 to 3 /9 of the volume or are basis interactions as motion of a specific triangle side length where the lim x in response is a x approach value to the the radius values of of a triangular centre value point
This then defines the basic triangulations value as as a miantained value defined as as sustainement of singularity where the differencials and derivatives =any value applications to the


the usage of field values in 2 ) are subsequent to field values and motivations of full amounts of a projected 5 sided value = x as the specific amount =Force that is related to all sides simultaneously in a field inclusions where a value of proximity is is the usage of all 3 sides of a format triangle as 3 digit numbers = S/3

As the basics of a extensional value of 4 digit numbers inthe type 3 relative formats of force fields , the restrictions of the left sides triangles are RESTRICTIVE iN the relative field values of the RELATIVITY of the type 3 triangle on the right side as being= the value system by which the basis of all derived value resultances are
a) in any derived summs
b)any dissordered value sequence
c)any 2 sides of any 1 side
where all a,b,c are any force of the multiple of sodes = a total by the usage of of the singularity and the derived positional locatability of any value of the totals as are


left side = accumulated binaries and singulars


central position triangle as accumulated binaries that are basic to relative totals of a locatability of numbers that are not in involvance


basic usage of the multiples = vector S values as positional and rotatable in triangle centrations and their right sided type 3 = displacement to define the the basics of motion through all types 1,2,3 as the displacement alterations of the total and common values of binaries and their as well as the total amount of sides as a point system inoput into the type 3 and their displacement effect of forcefielding out the rleative point values taht are where this law of binary motion forceing = a larger digit number such as
5 digits
6 digits
7 digits
8 digits
9 digits
10 digits

as a positional representation of new triangles as positional representations in the 3 rd type triangle derived in the first type 3 triangle relative to the as a WARP drive format of force fields
This can displace at higher than light speed velocity as well as define anti gravity.


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