QUEST :universal computer MEDITATIONS :applications

concept by Henryk Szubinski

motivative drive : Video by Youtube

basically RALLEYING some support from EU on the issues of the clear thought as invented by a EOuropean : Paul Brunton
and the applications:In A:I

this type of ambient is basically on the way to

fase 1 : human to human mediations LINK
fase 2 : human to total Earth computer STORE meditations link
fase 3 : human computer to human meditations on alternate planets link

basically all of fase 1 is designed to get friendly with people as was with the general developments of meditation through the early 20 th century and onwards into fase 2 where the computers need only a decisive computations of the time from
1930 to 2010 as the basics of how meditation has altered through the years and to let the computer define the artificial emotions of fase 2 where the computer knows wrong from right by dividing each time period by 2
So that basically the thought of meditation would LINK period t 1 with period t 2 by the brain thinking MEDITATION : this is used on AI systems to activate certain functions in a computer by the brain with NODES attached to the CORNEUS

As basic as it sounds ; the data on 3 states of time = meditations applications of the thought values in syno electrical responses of the neurons would define a total amount of data which would be fase 3 altered into a total spread of the data surface translations as transposed on a planet such as MARS and letting the computer do its reverse and forwards sequencing through the time span and the LINK thought MEDITATION as well as the resultance total:

basically all data on a frequency value where PAUL BRUNTON made the discovery on how to discard the left side values and make a basic MEDITATIONS concept for Eourope as well as defining the limit over which noone that is WRONG goes over



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