climate change

climate change
By Henryk Szubinski

went out side today though the temeperature was -10 and snowy cold in Sweden
I was clothed so as to make my time outside very very comfortable ,overdoing it with 3 pars of socks on each foot
under garments and ski trousers over my jeans
Somehow i forgot the cold , walking through town ,not thinking how cold it would be for most humans that get dressed for winter in the usual attire
Then the thought hit me: The glacial future, the freeze down caused by the shifting of earths magnetic poles, the ozone layer and the possibility of the Earth being totally cold was avoidable
How, well were already at it
human populations have reached such levels that just taking a walk down a street in town is what everyone is doing…
Basically warming the atmosphere by the proiximity of human to human contact levels being the usual 1 metere reserved for the friendly types of interactions with aquaintances
This is basically a side effect of over population but also the result of the temeperature regulations of the human respiratory effect of heat conduction: So that the greater the amount of humans, the greater is the conductivity of temepratures above the critical level where humans would not survive
So basically The difference is not that humans have controll of the environement is jut that its not such a cold day afterall and the temperature is as high as it is because the basica levels of themeperature based on the geological heat is the same as regards the basic computations that the human intelligence might have done a right by doing something wrong
meaning in basic terms that there could be a monitoring of this type of temperature alterations by a basic device which would measure the temperature on the levels where it exits the human bodys extremities which are usually the first to get cold due to heat respirations through their smaller surface area to heat values
As such the basic problems of the type of respiratory point system in usage would work well to define the basis of the types of areas on planet Earth where there is a good prime cover of the luxury most humans cant afford; the basic new materials that like Goretex and Thinsulate have their basis of a generous price to pay for heat protection as well as the basics of the feell good attitude which you can see on the faces of most indigenous peoples such as are from ALSAKA and the Intuits.
.Basically the knowledge base that defnes the stability of the Earths ecosphere by the the good feel and the traditionbs of old Earth worship as being the basic same human format for explanations of human side effects by defining the NO PROBLEM: ” Its the temperature that has not changed NOT US HUMANS ” a basic example of the Earth Godess as in relations to a unchangeing Earth climate.

uncertainty of this system is the basic reductions of surface area by a relation to expansions on the sides of a left field = right field occilation so that the data based on S/3
= the A + 1 ( A1)
= A1+1 ( A2)
= A2 +1 (A3)
or the basics of the interactions of A1 / A3 = state of motion by a Temperature application which could be any amount ofinvolvance by Force or of any universal value
So that the basics of the computations on S /3 = A3 minimalisation by reductions of (A3 + A1)
= A4
or the basis for the S vector displacement in total as a field value which will GO 3 Dimensional with the basics of the minimalisations of A3 +1 / ( S 3 D)
= the basics of the faseing out of and into the A1 basis as the largest field
So that basic displacements occur, the general Temperature has to be a specifici value type 1,2,3 H2O by conductivity or super conductivity at room tempeerature to account for the non observable alterations of climate due to increases of the value continuiim of S 2 and the basics of Resistance by low temp / high temp = the basis of minimalised alterations of the basic Vector horizon on which the computations are beiong made to the types of data on Volume compatability of parameters of H2O (f) so that the basic law of a buoyancy of temp + S = the basics of the minimal ampount of occilations that stabilise the vector usage to displace at the same rate but also at the same amount of heat regulations as are defined by the law of the volume of H2O doing the same as humans and as basic as the similarity with the tempeerature of the Earth Sphere by basic buoyancy levels = temperature of H2O (s) in freeze.


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