QUEST for memorry: article on thoose who stay behind but cant ever return: Mars

stay over and leave self
a article

as memory goes ,the greatest of thoughts is as flatt and great as the loss of memory that went that a way

all data is centred about a format of rotational coupling that defines the basics of Cir /x as the positional complexity of a rotation into a pre defined parameter
the velocity and the basics of the positional values of a Cir /x = the same basis of S vectors into any G value multiple or decimal = 1 /G x
as such the responsives on the velocity are basically the same as the type of r involved and the responsive lim x = of the
data on the largest known radius and the types of minimal positional references = a diameter value 2 Vel ( r+ S)
to get to the point where the dynamics of the diameter problem in 2 points about a diameter = radius in its degree of motion about the cir = the uncertainty of the basics on time in 1/3 r + 2/3 t +1 Diam = degree /2

youve heard of the missing link, the great mysteries of the world and why some things you just cant do
Why you need the write stuff an why the basics of the great unknown is out there
Why space is the final fronteir and why some are driven to discovery and exploration of space

As a type 1,2,3 gudance of the high fronteir as written by Gerard Oneil a book about space colonisation that i bought and read at the age of 14

actually all the stuff you need is out there
on the basis of making the point clear
meaning like ” abandon all hope ye who eneter in through teese portals is a well known humouristic argument for space travel
But also the words
LEAVE ALL HOPE OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE TYPES OF CONFRONTATIONS or ENRITCHEMENT of the self and its EMOTIONAL basis for stability in a place where
OBI WAN says ” bury your feelings deep down Luke , they might be made to serve the Emperor ”
basically there is no hope of ever arriving or getting rescued beyond the bounds of the intelligible as well as some meanings in the TWILLIGHT ZONE
a world of new sounds and experiences
Basically the OPTIONALS for space explorations are basic
much like a invitation ” stay behind for a couple of days
See if it suits you
But suits are expensive and anyone who gets left behind with the attitude of STAY BEHIND is usually the extra problem you learn to ignore or you fire the boss
basically : the one who stays behind is a resource for survival, the one who gets to guard, the one who gets to take command of all remaining hope , resources comm stations, water resources ,keeping a vital LINK going,

But its a adveenture:the only hope is if the stay behind hangs along ,if he can be part of the great discovery to be made or of the sacrafice that isnt always a safety precaution of immense problems to getting there and having to delay a disaster by holding a hand over a blocked water tube and getting everyone out safely in time for the doors of perception to close..
to leave theese self centered values behind and to know that someone survives as well as the multiple stages of the ledgends and stories concerning generations of lost CONTACT in search for or in the total unknown but for stories and tales of the future generations in space seperated by the general concept that the sacrafices get greater and the rewards just as great.
.SO what about MArs ,its proximity and the truth that some who seperate have already reseperated into a MARSIAN generational state of memory loss

Is the price as great as the illusion of time and the basics of : ” one has to cleanse the mind of its faults if one is to enter through the doors of prerception”
a quote by JIM Morrison


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