Quest for Earth soundscape: on density

by Henryk Szubinski

using a udio scan function that will be able to locate any parameter of sound and define it in 3 D by the basics of the universal sound variance

So that alien planets can be visited


the thing with this type of audio sampling is that it can be
used on all formats of the wind and elements in natural environments as well as the spacetime parameters outo the universe by using the type 1,2,3 clearing out of the progressive sound scapes in total of the Earths all audio scape data and using the radio background noise of the universe on the frequency where the Earth filter data is already there as a force of comparative influences that can be amplified and related to a frequency spread with the amplitude and trophs in the waveform parameters to define the alterability of the basic lim x = the upwards frequency inclines that are there as based on the basics of reversal and the subsequent boostings into the PONTANIETY of the universe and why the value stem = the basis of the general data on a SWING and occilation simultaenity as the values of the audio alterations can be made by basic expansions on the fase swing ffrom the short spacetime scape located by the CLEAR and then to use the occilations period generated into a expansion type vector wave by the occilations of the vector horizon as kept on the horizon level as the amount of compensations of the swing usage to dissonate the horizon balance on the audio frequency as well as defining the problems of the total value in its divisive problems of the usage of 3 horizon stabilisations so that the value will basically define the UNCERTAINTY soundscape in a position reference to EARTHS position in all of the noise in the universe
.the basis priority ion the types of universal values that would dissonate the whole universe by their responsive value in a projective superspace level of universal type computations where the basics of motion = every object in the universe as displaceing within the exponential lim x = the minimal boost responses on minimal vector values so that the value is a bsis of the general dynamics of the data on high level interactions of the data on formats of uncertainty and the rule of compiled data on any level as being a pre access value symmetry of the minimal barriers and their system of a higher reference relativity with the basics of data as in a type INTERACTION with the basics of a alterability of angles and their resistance of breakage in a hemispherical type value solid volume where the basis of the BREAK SPACE = the data on BENDING of the types of supersymmetrical spacetimes and their responsive levels where the lim x = the basis of a higher time derived value of the total being reducable to the full displacements of the force that basically multi breaks and divides into supersymmetry by the basis of minimal 1/2 + 1 / x = the value singularity 1 + supersymmetrical spheres as the data on the basics of the non extensional oppositions of the type 1,2,3 H2O interactions where the basis of S displacements are the types of surface areas in solid volumes so that the alterations of the basics in super symmetry
= the solidity of all objects in the universe


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