Quest for universal data computations of everything

QUest for
UNIVERSAL data computations
By Henryk Szubinski

interaction release of the function related to a 2/3 value S =v t
as data on the basics of data on a certainty of the values being motivated to 1/2 value human relations and their data on the fold levels where the similarity of the basic input continuiim as related to the human divisive response and the remaining 2/3 value as interpretations of the basic limit referenced by the type of data level and its general continuiim ALTERATIONS relativitry = continuiim of the data on the full usage of the variance complexity of the basic STAT values of electricity in the BASE DATA origin as the variance of the general basis for the left over data on how the responsives of 3 S – 4 R = the basis of a sinular subtractive resultance where the displacement resulting relates to the general extensions of S vectors into such relations as would make the difference of the levels of responsive vector divisions = the 2/3 ( 1/2)= 0.333 indefinite decimals
So thaT THE BASIC VALUE REFERENCE IS BASED ON 1/3 of the general vector solidity of the value being a compound relative to the amount of
1/3 x = volume y/z
in which case the data on the restrictions of a OVER THE LIMIT amount would be defined by the basis of the additional 1/3 as a force
and the data 2/3 = to the responsive values of the vector multiples in their value similarity as the basis for non opposed vector certainty in the multiple 3 S
as the basic point of exit relations with the value as the multiple of the G universe by the references to the value that results from the usage of displacements in the multiples S x = the usage of a certainty as G values where the basic exchanges of data values =
the variance by definition of presentations and the basics of the data on how and why the lim x = 1 as the type of format values that can generate the time limit = x + 1
as the same value related to in the usage of a divisive vector certainty
The basics seem to be compunded from the side values of a left and right hemisphere and the values that add to a 1 value total so that the displacability of any value = the same definitions of a remaining 1/3 + 1 F = the amount of external relatedness with the background of a invariance of seperation that is based

in relations to the value and the usage of 1/2 Force sustainements in relations to the stability of the super stable universe and the problems of the basic extensions that are 1/2 SUPER STATIC UNIVERSE related by the usage of the data on variance and the left side computations that are referenced by the multiple certainty of the left side or the levels of the basic lim S = Fx
so that the total is now a % of the amount of a 100 % universe force and the definitions based on displacements through a zone of force fields that is multi generatable by a

100 % + 1/3 = 1/3 + G
So that this in basic will simulate the types of multiple LINKS in the universe by the usage of a referenced definition of the bassics of the data on the value reference limits
and the values that define the total BASIC computations of the universe by the variance of the types of computations in which a vector x related to a y value field will have some depressing vector solid values much like a spacetime in a extended type WARP
So that the basics of the total and the usage of the ddefinitions by which the totals are variance DEFINED and referenced will = the same basis of the types of over the levels of LIm x = the type of a SIMILAR universe or a UNIVERSE SIMILARITY by which the data on the types of H2O technology can be made to be a variance in the hyperspace of a 10 D universe
And the values of the basics in which the whole value sum = limits in multiples so that the values are actually a rotational WRP in relations to the spacetime WARP VECTOR
and the data on the value of such FORCE FIELDs are related to the high actuality and their data as being = to the singularity of a section of data than can use the muiltiple static points to define the amount by which the total field is related to as the degree of a WARP vector and the reinteractions of a flat spacetime

basically the uncertainties of the universal lim value = a velocity of the related to anti gravity and its values by which the responsive values have their data 1/2 S displacements as a projective opening in the vertical spacetime.
.this type of spaceship motor design will divide the spaceship into 2 sections where the interactions of a type ramjet rail on a angle will basically displace upwards at a angle to form a artificial relation with the Inertia of the related lower section 1 of the spaceship while it lifts

the basics on the type of triangle formed and its vergance of the vechicle section doing the work on compressions and expansions as a applications for a wing section as a format for any spaceship drive generations as well as WARP speed
meaning a higher than light speed velocity


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