inversions of photons Theory of…

a theory of force
By Henryk Szubinski

the derived values are then

1=3 angle F
p squ = 2 (S/6. angle r 2 INV)
remeber that the r.p.m value =2.49
this indicates that the partice involved is shared amongst 249 particles of a common 0.01 value
or as 24.9 particles of a common value =0.1
the statement can then be made that
if r = 0.1
S =0.01 by the common multiple 249 -24.9 =photon
so that the theory is now
2( 200 / 6) angle 0.1 x 2 ) INV
p=66.6 (13.33) INV
.meaning that a photon will load up on inversions upto the point of a remaining value used to avoid photon reinversion into state 1 as the supernova or new star effect as well as the galactic rotational interactions of the Andromeda galaxy as a example
the values of HIDE are inverted and the SEEK values are active when 888.8 photon invertive luminiscence is combined into a super state of 1000 photo electric effect.


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