By Henryk Szubinski
4 freedooms
5th freedoom of knowledge moovement
the 7th framework Chordis 7

CH2Cl2.: subject matter: on the trriangulations of the solvent acid CH2Cl2 in a non symmetrical response to a symmetrical recombibnations:

Non-crystallographic symmetry arises when there are multiple copies of a molecule or subunit with the asymmetric unit of the crystal. These copies adopt the same fold, and therefore there will be regions of the asymmetric unit with similar electron density, despite the fact there is no crystallographic symmetry operator relating them. Since the relationship is local to a subregion within the asymmetric unit and does not extend over the whole crystal, this is referred to as non-crystallographic symmetry.
The geometric relationship between the related regions of the map can be expressed as a rotation and a translation in orthogonal coordinates. The rotation can be expressed in a number of ways, the most common being Euler angles (3 numbers), Polar angles (3 numbers), and a rotation matrix (9 numbers). To further confuse things, all these numbers depend on how we choose our orthogonal axes – CCP4 and O use the same conventions (but arrange the matrices differently), but other software may not.


a human regulatory function is a bio clock
a bio clock will work like a bio rythm
the basics of the bio regulations are that during the day the basics of being a day case or a night case depending on when you get this data
the types are 1,2,3 and basically a regulation of H2O (f) in your fysiological make up
this means that the basic WORK done by each Organ in the human body will start out working in synch
The work done defines the Organ usage of energy and as such there are many organs in the human body that require their own type of energy dosage during the day
While the day goes on, the human body will tire, as such it will give indications of it being tired , as such when the body retires into sleep the body will go through about 10 fases of acellerated bio stasis meaning that theat at stage 10 it will be at 5 % of its total energy requirement = usage need ,. The body then takes a gradual increase of the energy level making shure each organ time and section of its neutral result of functionings learn to readapt by a gradual increase or BOOSTING of the energy and adaptability of the body fysiology so that at about a couple of hours the body is working on a neutral energy level
When youre up again and participating in the days activities, the human body will have a general make up of the types of time activiations values designated by their activation + deactivation + decelleration + accelleration so that a value system of odd values and even values when subjected to such a fase of eergy values , each organ will have its own type of fase sequences
example for the stomach:
1=odd , 2 = even, 3 = odd, 4 = odd
if you ended the day off with a odd valule while going to sleep, the value when youre up is still a odd value
The basics of activities during the day will either work to even out the difference between the odd and the even
So that when youre up some humans will have a odd value while others will have a even value
The human fysiology is made in such a way that when the body interacts during the day, the body is not really centered in the main motivations of making the values between each human as = to the same value
What happens is that the body has a neural function to keep it stimulated , so that it is not the work the body does , but the centrations to get through with the types of interactions between humans that keeps it stimulated..The more toime left over for stimulii= the greater chance that the body will fase into a 5 level ODD &/or even value.
So that this then becomes the positive motivations for advanced generations of the sleeping and the body rest; the body will basically keep the body in a relaxed modality for a extra 5 minutes; so that the body can make the link of which value to be while it is in a state of symbiosis with the complexities of time as well as the values of a BOOSTED odd into even
meaning that the body predictives will work to compile the days body work and energy burning into a shared experience of the types of time values in the body organs as based on a variance of the actual existance of a body total for each organ being fased OFF the NORMAL scale by a odd value or a even value depending where you started. This basically means that the whole body goes into dissarray where each organ is fased out of time with everyone that it relates to..
basically If you started off with a ODD value and got a 5 + the value is a even value
because the body started out with a odd value and that the extra value does not really matter to the body as a mashine It does make sense on the mental level.. The day is pent thinking of what to do and how to do it, whith whom to do it and why to spend time with other individual humans who feel the same way: this gives a extra advantage of the emotional or intellectual reasonings of the influence the mind has on the body.
Basically eveyone that has a mental even will share it with a human who has a mental odd value: this basically means that the shared experiences will relate to the values of difference if there are any, of the organs and the need for things like wastage and feeding, as well as procreations: theese are totally dependant on the mental values and make no distinctions between the needs that arise…So that the body switches off during the night, the types of memories are based on which specific organs have done what and why; this is crucial in the 5th stage because it defines the types of fantasies that subsequently develop into a BIO RYTHM that is basic to the activities of SPORT and other physically alterable formats of changing the body to make its relations with the body a thing which defines the differences between body developement types and their related to dissonance of the actual sequences that are at work in all of the odd ,even, odd, even, odd sequences which are basic motivators for genetical traits: So to make things a bit easer huamns do not go around communicating in genetic expression but develop along the lines of the types of body centrations that define the resultant complexities of what is better for a healthy organ than a bad organ..The 5th stage of a bio symbiotic metabolic rate of equalisation develops as one gets older by the functions of the early body activations so that the data on the relative variances of the body and the fysiology are developemental to define the reasons for degenerations of the theoretical fysiology of ageing and the basis of why theese variances have their own time sequences much like a million different clocks in the body all ticking at the same time: To make relations with time in any format will basically show the adaptations of the human ability to reason along the concepts of what to do with future or past time such as memories and planning;: it is this that defines the biological clock for each different part of each individual body values. The reasons why some want a arrtificial leg implant and some want a new heart..
to make do with the 5 minutes of ones fysiology, the basis of the general uncertainty is on the availability of prolonged ageing or the extra dimensions of the science of decrepitude by the basic reasons for extended life durations:
The basics of the amount of variances shown in this work for eaxample go through 50 different values while the basics of the motivations for a 50 % boost over the barrier to ageing and the 5 minutes of a life time can be in variance with the types of research that the basics of a immersive or extra time period spent resting so that the body develops some more symbiotic time of decellerated bio meetabolic bio stasis with the variance of the types of experiments meade with over working the body which every human will have as a value of experience that defines the LINK by communications where the discussions between humans are basically centred about time and how old one is, due to working,and excercise .
As such a exponential value will define basics of the data and telemetry for the time difference between the types of star values there are
such as a early starter with a day value of a EVEN function with the additional odd value 5 x
or a late starter with the ODD value will develop into a EVEN boost
theese types arre many and have many variances of gene expression . Basically when a human defines the discomforts of a close biological LINK with time as = a body equalisation of a symmetrical early start or a late start
Both values can be symmetrically associated by the expression of comfort or disscomfort by agreements of expression between any amount of human interactions by shareing the expressions of the body fysiology: this in turn leads to a ability to use time as a format for discussions as a nummerical value and in nummerical terms of related to interests , this is the definitions of interest in natural science and is basic to early developements of learning to share the expressions of time at a early stage and to keep the bou nds of time on this personal level of memory to a minimal or to a greater extent of non shareing which results in the problems of fysical injury due to lower certainty values when learning new activities , meaning a human injury can be the resultance of a non full fysiological agreement between the individuals and their interactions.

as a example
If everyone travelled through time with the value specified by a section of their fysiology ,everyone would end up at the same time value in which they left and returned back
what is the quest for life in a universal format of astronomy and astrophysics

13 Dec 2010 … research data courtesy of Wikipedia video courtesy of Youtube …. the displacement and response to the input of a volume … basis of a remaining 3 S value where the divisives again are symmetrical by a LINK to triangle …

14 May 2010 … data on the force of the process divisive non reversable force (n.r.F) … division accelerated universe inputs increase divisive increase … … -From Wikipedia (see Web Links ….. motion by spacetime displacements …

22 Jun 2010… level applicative additionals of their value divisive subsequence in the process … this type of particle motion will only work by projective inputs from a … [link to] Galaxy map hints at fractal universe … … so a device that can measure displacement current would suffice. …


BIOLOGICAL CLOCK FOR MEN: the data on the basis of buoyancy of H2O (f) 70 %
.early start:


1 odd, 2 even,3 odd,4 even,5 odd as well as basis for aquired 5 =6 even
late start:


even 2, odd 3,even 4, odd 5 as well as aquired 5 =even 5


LEFT SIDE BRAIN AS EGO: the basis of the immersions by the minimal collective of bio points

LEFT SIDE EGO BRAIN: data on why the values of the cognition can multi orientate in immersed states

LEFT HEMISPHERE OF THE BRAIN: the data on the weight by immersions as sustainable buoyancy on the levels of H2O (f) envelopements as sustained weight

LEFT HEMISPHERE OF THE BRAIN INERT: the data on the general data of the problems of the positionality of body points as simulatable buoyancy states of a total immersion by minimal simulations

LEFT BRAIN HEMISPHERE: the data on how the general formats of the data as being in the closest proximity to the levels of curvature variance in immersions as motion boosting


LEFT HEMISPHERE COGNITION:the data on why the values of the problems in their related to values on the general value interactions as the levels of absorbancy of human buoyancy by simulations of absorbancy interactions of surfaces or one surface as a artificial volume

LEFT OVERS OF SELF: the uncertainty of the general data as being in the levels of formats of the general indications that are on the value limits x = the general levels in which the force of the levels are surface maintainements of H2O (f) by minimal concavities that maintain water on the human surface irregularities

LEFT HEMISPHERE COGNITION: data on the levels by which the values in their total sum = the types of vectors of the body simulations of the flow of general H2O (f) by the curvature of the human body


qUEST remain: the data on why the specific projective of a point = surface x

and the basis of the BRANE concavity as in the same parameters as is where the approach x =the references of memory by learning that the curvature variances of H2O (f) = to the projectives of the surfaces in recognitives

remains the same: the data on why the whole formats of their remaining data parameters are interactive as a type BRANE 2x = rotational angles

REMAINing QUEST: the values and their responsive vector definitions of the certainty by which the whole continuiim is based on the values of their Buoyancy as a format for lift and the basics of human iMMERSIONS = to the height levels of humans as variance by body level immersions

REMAINing QUESTS: the data on the levels by which the referenced levels and their remaining values for the motion of a similar basis CREASE in the spacetime of the same collective value for a crease as the increase of simulatable H2O (f ) motion frontals are the basics of the human body

QUEST TO REMAIN: the exponentials of the values to which the maintained weight and te levels of their dissolvancies = the basics of the positionality by the types of referenced values of surface areas and the basis of the types of dissolvancies of the water states in body comparatives of concavity

REMAIN: data on why the general formats of the types of motion to push the lim x = envelope of the data on the values by which the vectors are headed by the usage of the general surface in its reference relations as multiple cognitive ability to comparative value

: the values of the references made by the linkages and the values as their implied levels of the data on static points as effected by concavity in multiples of a surface area.

the basic compound of a molecule that is unsymmetrically activated but has the basics of lina and seperate by polar values; This can define the multiple variances of human variance but also the symmetry in this type of uncertainty as where the molecule would start to link into symmetry

basically triangulation of this molecule will extend life duration

Dichloromethane (DCM or methylene chloride) is an organic compound with the formula CH2Cl2. This colorless, volatile liquid with a moderately sweet aroma is widely used as a solvent. More than 500,000 tons were produced in 1991. Although it is not miscible with water, it is miscible with many organic solvents.[1] It was first prepared in 1840 by the French chemist Henri Victor Regnault, who isolated it from a mixture of chloromethane and chlorine that had been exposed to sunlight.

Dichloromethane is produced by treating either methyl chloride or methane with chlorine gas at 400–500 °C. At these temperatures, both methane and methyl chloride undergo a series of reactions producing progressively more chlorinated products.[1]
CH4 + Cl2 → CH3Cl + HCl
CH3Cl + Cl2 → CH2Cl2 + HCl
CH2Cl2 + Cl2 → CHCl3 + HCl
CHCl3 + Cl2 → CCl4 + HCl
The output of these processes is a mixture of methyl chloride, dichloromethane, chloroform, and carbon tetrachloride. These compounds are separated by distillation.



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