100 atom computers: S through vector fields

vector field 100 atom computers
By Henryk Szubinski

basically a 100 atom computer will work by the reference point stillness of the general diagrammatics of the image concerned as application to a format of force that will work on the basics of the data divisive into a format of multiple similarities so that the multiple x y = the maintainement of Work by a inclusions field on the certainty of a computation being the basis for activations force of a type usage of the lim x = the displacements > 3 x atom type computers in usage today
by the values that define the motivatioons of displacement = S 4
as the general activiations under some rules of expansion
meaning that the definition of the resistance is made once as regards the total circuit orbitality and its exi from the states of relations with other noise data in multiple clusters of data
This basically implies that the displacement continues to such a extent that the 5 x atom size will displace out of the general multiples and into a empty space of the background data so that by using the definitions of
non restricted S vectorisations the data value = 6 S atomic size of a computer can be motivated into the G universal size reference by the motion indications of a minimal error value as seen with orbital type diagramms that when rotated into the side view will indicate the motion of a basic FREE vector horizon at any angle where the vector data of S can be any x value and the values of continued relativity of the computer as now 7 x S can be generated in the flat linear spacetime that defines the objective compotator in S 8 = the vector Diameter in its orbital value reference where the mistakes that the computer makes are not related to by the diamtere as a see through but are rather the orbital interactions of the FREE SET data that will include the inclusion field of any restricted motion NOW S 8 = the minimal requirements of motion by S and G values.

the data on multiple point levels of points along the edge of the DATA BEING computator can use the angles formed and their interactions in the x,y,z field spacetime

the uncertainty is basically the level or amount of computations made in the orbital field and its height levels as being of digit 1 values meaning that they can be represented as S 10 or G 100 while they displace through the flat vector field.
this will define any value usage with the point start of a vector definition as the vaues of responsive interactions on a spherical basis input so that the values can define the motivated displacement of a vector BEING as a type of value input = specific motion of the LINE BEING as the data on the values of the specific relations with the sphere as the definition of the TRAITS of the vector spcifics as the data will relate to a specific overlay of vectors into solidity by the related to motions of the data bveing in a SO HIGH value that the values will define displacement by the radio or retro types of data and the values are vacated to a vector spacetime.

.this type of approach will define the specifics of data by similar amount usage so that the sequences of data = the values in lets say flying cars = the values by which the definitions of the retro kick data values will divert from implicative responses on the basis of controllability of the levels of about 6 atom limit x for a A.I system in a flying car so that the basics of the retro data will displace into or through the field to define the levels of accumulated A.I controll
As well as being in the lim x = off force by the divisives of the muti multiplications of the data as the faster than ligt velocity in warp drives by the ressonance of input values of access so that the redivisive retro dissonance = the values of anti gravity based interactions of a computer type droid for the resosonance interactoions of the values in which the divisive value sums or limits = the basics of type plasma computer MINI formats for lite sabres as the general input access vector used to define the values andd their positive prosterrior motivators in multipes so that value F feed Force in its highest values = the data on the responsives of type faser chips andd the data on responsive
R.E.S = p Ohm variances
basically the values of the data on responsives of the superconductability at room temeperature will actually access the values of multiple speed values so that the generations of opposed values will imply displacement with the opposition by inertial HANGING around the objeect in INERTIA MOTION in the cover of the dynamics trail.


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