overself your Dj for the day

over the title masterpiece or the self as part of history

decide for yourself;critical by Henryk Szubinski

relating song values by their first impressions

this stuff is so good i refrained from using the term NEW just because i wanted to put down the statement that History has its lows and highs in a relation to history as definable by this music critique meant to inspire the types of decisions in history which are not NEW based
So that to make certain that pieces like this and their criticians are regarded as the baest in the world the type of 1,2,3 protectorate of a type of JEDI in the future of what gets full clearance as a piece that can define the way of the force i give this piece its 10 level score out of a possible 10
or 20 000 midi clorians outof 100 000
video courtesy of Youtube

on the basis of a vergance in the force this track gets its CHOSEN ONE
perhaps out of ordinary cares or as the category under which this was choosen : burrn out
of deep space angels

but because there is no spinal sensse in a world of stemmic relations on the exterior this piece is rather wetter than the burn out types giving it the certainty that no effort taken relies solely on the basics of non anticipations of any event defined as progressiveIt is simply there yet makes a statement beyond its own…

this pieece demosntrates the simplicity of anon related to cause in the influence of the force as the type immersions certainty based on its own law of the sky being there as the greatest saturation level in any known parameter.

you might go mad thinking there is real energy behind this song but it the true drive behind the feeling that the lightning in the sky starts from above or below.

need intellect Well to tell you whats what this piece will take you into space but perhaps not so far as is now known of Eourope that its oxygen saturations level is 20 star volumes more for one day than any other place, so conserve it well Its what dreams to follow are made of
and the basis of
4 freedooms
5th freedoom of knowledge moovement
the 7th framework Chordis7
Just so youll know you wont get lost being as high as anything the universe can throw at you at the rate of a star cluster such as globulars go



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