simultaneous event displacements

Simultaneous event displacements
By Henryk Szubinski

types of comparatives made with lefet and right hemispherical computations ofr the higher and lower frequency trophs as related to the proximity of minimal trophs and their common value means as well as the point density of a troph that is markadetly higher in its troph values of a exponential increase into the basiscs of shared uncertainty in the higher regions of the volume of 3D frequency curvatures or NODES
the data would support the theory of the proximity of volumes as related to the basics of the value and their exchanged sides as being in the values by which developements are basic to the cause of the 2 nodes in a displacement reference of which would win while the basis for resisytance is the static non alterations of relativity while both objects responsible for the curves are in a similar velocity state maning no difference of motion is observed
So that this then can relate to the prime displacement as a FORCE or PUSH into actio, the S 3 = the R + additaional displacement as static trackking
Static trakking implies the results are not BIASED by the A.I computer suystem but is the same reference values for the static non alterations of 2 bodies in motion = any of the 2 as related to simultanoeus spacetime TYPES 1,2,3 as being in time Dialation
so that both can be at any reference position to a Vector value requirement for a prime value resultance and a secondary resultance.

The two parts of this sphere are the visible hemisphere, which is above the horizon, …… Its simplicity was only comparative; many outstanding anomalies …

1) internal S ( 5 system value ) / 2) system R = 3 comparative externals ( x ) …… 1 force = basis of alternative hemispheres with the advancive formats of …. Since the sound frequency is infrasonic, around 4 Hz, the effect is very …. values related to a inverted similarity of a node of a mean on the troph ..
the data is basic to the xp or Uncertainty of the values and their curvature measurements on a 3 D spacetime continuiim as the crucial part of the curves in and out of a gravity event such as a Planet ,star, or galaxy,,,or even the UNIVERSE at large.


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