Impulse Branes: derived universal force field applications

universal force field applications


and the larger universe

By Henryk Szubinski

.the basis of the voice is a voice comm device which could work anywhere in the universe as a type radio or image basis relay of monitors or their taped recordings




the basis of a singnal in a comm device such as this is based on the applications of its functions

The basis can be used as the displacement of a audial signal derived from parameters in the universe as basically anywhere and will displace ahead of the O2 basis LINK to H2O types as the certainty of any audial signals based on this as displacable only by the presence of theese types of molecules. So that this value can be projected as being in a specific zone will derive the force fields or their force applications as a projective

The certainty of pulling such a signal value back towards the comm device would pull the zone O2 or H2O towards the signal where it started Or as the basis of the heat and plasma generated in the instance of pulling it through spacetime as well as being the reasons for projectives into zones that have no O2 or H2O basis which will define the multiple usage of such a comm force value so that the generated force will Burn or plasmafy the displacement towards or away it into multiple relations of any basis value system…warp drives, faster than light speed displacements,,,force fields and much more…



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