Surfaces for Mars



By Henryk Szubinski



world economic forums as the basis of the data on sensitive formats of its surface multiples in the uncertainty of the levels by which the levels of data on the basis of a responsive minimal error = 1 value systems where the MISSION TO MARS

has some exponentials of the data being in the similarity of the left and right cognittions of a computer controll system where the data recognises a level variance or similarity and makes it level so that the basis for a value recognitive A.I would work by the  values of the minimal applications of the types of surface curvature where the angle = a particle on its displacement into a increased problem resultance

this format will locate any suchg particle = the projective predictives of the level uniformity by the minimal 1 level alyterations of such particles prior to its input and deformations of the particle displaceing through the permeability of such surfaces as in spaceship protections and their Mars mission suits..

.video courtesy of Youtube



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