QUEST FOR remainig by biological clocks: lasers


By Henryk Szubinski

Circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background.

4 freedooms

5th freedoom of knowledge moovement


the 7th framework Chordis7



if everything levels out into a very large surface area that envelops everything; the values of subsequent points or volumes on that surface would share it in a similar value of time

what is time: well its a


the leveling out function is used in lasers

so could this define superconductability at room temperature by laser configurations of the Concavity of the similarity to human buoyancy and the biological clock shown followingly.



BIOLOGICAL  CLOCK FOR MEN: the data on the basis of buoyancy of H2O (f) 70 %

LEFT SIDE BRAIN AS EGO: the basis of the immersions by the minimal collective of bio points

LEFT SIDE EGO BRAIN: data on why the values of the cognition can multi orientate in immersed states

LEFT  HEMISPHERE OF THE BRAIN: the data on the weight by immersions as sustainable buoyancy on the levels of H2O (f) envelopements as sustained weight

LEFT  HEMISPHERE OF THE BRAIN INERT: the data on the general data of the problems of the positionality of body points as simulatable buoyancy states of a total immersion by minimal simulations

LEFT BRAIN HEMISPHERE: the data on how the general formats of the data as being in the closest proximity to the levels of curvature variance in immersions as motion boosting

LEFT HEMISPHERE COGNITION:the data on why the values of the problems in their related to values on the general value interactions as the levels of absorbancy of human buoyancy by simulations of absorbancy interactions of surfaces or one surface as a artificial volume

LEFT OVERS OF SELF: the uncertainty of the general data as being in the levels of formats of the general indications that are on the value limits x = the general levels in which the force of the levels are surface maintainements of H2O (f) by minimal concavities that maintain water on the human surface irregularities

LEFT HEMISPHERE COGNITION: data on the levels by which the values in their total sum = the types of vectors of the body simulations of the flow of general H2O (f) by the curvature of the human body

qUEST remain: the data on why the specific projective of a point = surface x

and the basis of the BRANE concavity as in the same parameters as is where the approach x =the references of memory by learning that the curvature variances of H2O (f) = to the projectives of the surfaces in recognitives

remains the same: the data on why the whole formats of their remaining data parameters are interactive as a type BRANE 2x = rotational angles

REMAINing QUEST: the values and their responsive vector definitions of the certainty by which the whole continuiim is based on the values of their Buoyancy as a format for lift and the basics of human iMMERSIONS = to the height levels of humans as variance by body level immersions

REMAINing QUESTS: the data on the levels by which the referenced levels and their remaining values for the motion of a similar basis CREASE in the spacetime of the same collective value for a crease as the increase of simulatable H2O (f ) motion frontals are the basics of the human body

QUEST TO REMAIN: the exponentials of the values to which the maintained weight and te levels of their dissolvancies = the basics of the positionality by the types of referenced values of surface areas and the basis of the types of dissolvancies of the water states in body comparatives of concavity

REMAIN: data on why the general formats of the types of motion to push the lim x = envelope of the data on the values by which the vectors are headed by the usage of the general surface in its reference relations as multiple cognitive ability to comparative value

: the values of the references made by the linkages and the values as their implied levels of the data on static points as effected by concavity in multiples of a surface area.


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