continuiim BOTON particles



by Henryk Szubinski


.botons as the vector reality of the types of dynamics in action on the value of a bit digit in the continuiim of its vector displacement based on the 2 ndary lateral value of a compressed state into which the total of a singular rectangle surface will warp into the reference of a eexpanded state which is opposed by the extensions of the warped surface into a super surface relative situation of the basic oppositions by resistance into the external volume of a maintained relativity with the frce field of the basic lim x = the boost force on the basis of the missing x/4 + x /3 = F/7



the particle points are BOTONS which displace like a wave form but are simultaneously a form of a wave type in a area type rectangle in flow

this multiple functioning is based on the bOTON displaceing like a area but also as a waveform

this will define the waveform in compression into a boton as well as the expansions into a a area rectangularity

.the basis of observing a BOTON is that the rectangle area will Break into a type waveform

the envelope acts as a transitions zone for the waveform being localised by 3 BOTONS

So that this works; the basis of a envelope can be smoothed or jagged depending on the function of a ENVELOPE displaceing back into a BREAK = the general Force of the universe.


.this will be defined as fast BOTONS displaceing ahead of  slow BOTONS

S1+S2 (2f/2) =F3 Vol/3 A wave cubed

S3 (f)=F vol A wave cubed

as relating to the interactions of the values as into which state they result in a steady state

point along the vector point displacement

volume point inflations = vector spread around a point

point cubed  S cubed = spread 

S to 6 =spread /point

S to 6 = s/p

.because the sum of particles = 21

the divisive sinto 3 sections of

1) 21 /3 = the area value

2)7 /3 = the frequency of the wave

3)2.3 =the BOTON particle

this will define the compositions of each section respective to all other formats of interactions

meaning that when a BOTON particle = 2.3 x it is

= force of  7 basic frequency waveforms

but also  21 A values

this then is a multiple of a value x A -2,f-3,b-4

to make the multiplication of the continuiim is then

= 338.1 Newtons-9

.x/3 + x /4

as the sectional placements =7/12 = 7/F on a instance of super relativity=338.1 N

7 =338.1F12

0.020 =F12

the BOTON will then be a bo value

0.0016 bo =F








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