QUESTION regarding space exploration



quest of nonsense

or priveladged information

By Henryk Szubinski

Circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background.

on the formats of not doing it alone

4 freedooms

5th freedoom of knowledge moovement


and the 7th framework Chordis 7






the complete sense of being outdone by your own thoughts

as a QUEST to find them youd be wrong thinking that the non sense would be used up but its a sense you need to survive

so what happens at the moment this could happen

well it will not because the sense is meant to develop everything there is in the universe

this means noone is about to stand for that kind of work load and use up the sense when the non sense is the alternate side of the role players and the continuiim oftotal nonsense in its attempt to do what noone would do

To keep it

It would make sense to define why there is a value system of the ability to related by the total lack of any frontal approach as well as the basics ofwhat remains is the total value of the uncertainty that the universe is the place in which the ochean would solidity and the basis of free motion would be a thing of complete non related to functions of the basis difference of 1 value

This is as certain as being totally alone in the universe and being responsible for ones state of non relative point of view of the state that leaves you alone and the missing value of the larger world in which there is only the basis of data = the formats of the convexity of the ISS spacestation adding weight to the concept of spacetime oUT THERE and making IT,,by definitions of this value of a surface that is neither solid or fluid in the sense we know it. This weight function is REALITY in the parameter of motivated displacements into the ZONES of basics which by approach to outer space by vechicularity seems = 1 point value parameter but on approach leads to a larger solid body in space: So to use up this point or to make sense of the limitations, to take only onself and the reality of humans remaining out there even after a certain end or event…This is a approach to GENIUS and the space age mooving onto MARS by the BOOST from a positional reference value of which there is certainty that the concave point of view = to a totally different reality ON TOP OF THINGS even to the ENDS of the SOLAR SYSTEM and exo solar systems with their own exo planets….through galaxies and out amongst the certainty that the value S = expansion on the advanced basis of a UNIVERSAL force..

as such everything that conserves force , returns as a altered force

will radio signals encompass this point of view on the basis of knowing the total limitations of space exploration as Earth heads to Mars and onwards

and will the concepts of the data on the parameters of availability be out there for everyone to have as a multiple format of knowledge based relations on the higher knowledge based relativity.


Using space exploration as a symbol of national prestige, he warned of a ” missile gap” …. the important weight reductions that were offered by the LOR approach. ….. The “AS-20 series” continued to be reserved for Saturn IB flights,

For a list of key events, see Timeline of space exploration.

This position paper discusses an architectural approach to managing decentralized space exploration missions. De- veloping control applications in this

24 Feb 2010 [Wikipedia 2008b] The Space Shuttle launches 5 to 6 times per year at …. vehicles will approach that of what an astronaut could achieve.

15 Apr 2010 He insisted his approach will bear fruit in the years ahead by “Critical to deep space exploration will be the development of breakthrough propulsion systems and other advanced technologies,” he said. …… http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Cell_phone ….. 2010 CBS Interactive. All rights reserved.

Current industry business models, technologies and approaches can yield Crew Exploration Vehicle (Wikipedia); Center for Mars Exploration (Ames Research

10 May 2009 That’s what space exploration and interstellar travel is all about. Recommended reading: Wikipedia, The Warpdrive: Hyper-fast travel …. These are our sites, and we reserve the right to moderate the discussion

We need to have a realistic approach to space exploration that will span multiple …. This software is the basis of …… reducing reserve requirements for banks, meddling in real finance and

21 Mar 2008 Space exploration should be considered primarily as a biological thrust outward …. must as our sun approaches the end of its solar life cycle. in reserve, the space at least of the Solar System. …. Bobsgear allows free signup, and invites anyone to create a free hosted Confluence wiki space.

29 Jan 2010 Obama and space exploration. Choirmaster says: …. no matter what intervening history has produced, those powers are reserved to the State. ….. According to Wikipedia, “the Secret Service was commissioned on July 5, 1865 in Washington, 90% approaches theft on a grand scale. Tom. tewter says:



Proofs for Double Angle Formulas

multiple limited 2 x trignonomerical multiples



[edit] Using the Sum and Difference Identities

Recall that:

 \displaystyle\cos(a + b) = \cos(a)\cos(b) - \sin(a)\sin(b)

Using a = b in the above formula yields:

 \displaystyle\cos(2a) = \cos(a + a)

 \displaystyle = \cos(a)\cos(a) - \sin(a)\sin(a)
 \displaystyle = \cos^2(a) - \sin^2(a)


 \displaystyle\cos(2a) = \cos^2(a) - \sin^2(a)

Compare this with the “Pythagorean Theorem” expressed in terms of sin and cosine. Notice the double angle formula above has a minus not a plus, otherwise it would be saying  \displaystyle\cos(2a) = 1, which would mean cos was 1 for all values of t, which we know is not true. Here’s the disguised “Pythagorean Theorem” again.

 \displaystyle \cos^2(a) + \sin^2(a) = 1 (Pythagorean Theorem in disguise)

We can rearrange the pythagorean-theorem expression to get an expression for \cos ^2(a)\, or to get an expression for \sin ^2(a)\,.

What that means is that using the Pythagorean identity we can make the right hand side of the double angle formula for cosine be in terms of just cosine or just sine.


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