Andromeda actual size



By Henryk Szubinski



there are no arguments regarding images from space

this implies

there is no reduction of the image values

as such the image values in their multiples of derivable data =no reductions in their size as = a area

on the basis of this being so for any square related to expansion such as would be real for a molecular sized area

this is defined as the image of the Andromeda galaxy by x 10000 being the true value when considerations for the types of minimal tangeability of the basic particles doing the expansions of a x square

This defines the expansions on a similar basis to get it to the large REALITY = x 10000 +1

the basis of the singularity would then be the size as a power of any involved data to make the computations a part of the basics in getting a object as great in size as it is when there

So thatthe true size of the Andromeda galaxy would be the x amounts of expansion when in the parameter with its spread; this is defined as the A x

The same can be said of the particle doing the x value expansions of a A x squ = molecularity of the cause of the types of reducible values of a parameter in which the particle exists and the alterability of the size of a diagrammatic rrepresentation in any geometrical format such as a  5 sided  shape or a 6 sided one….basically any size will do: remebering that the relations of a expansion on the image by a 5 sided shape on the Andromeda will do the differences and the size discrepancies of the related relaity of actual size.


This defines the uncertainty = the variances of the data on the basis of their related to parameters in 3 dimensions as their data on the comparatives of data on the formats by which the data is a value displacement in a value similar to the vector basis of a 1 S value

So that this can have a volumetrical value for a dimensionally derived value in 3 D : this value S x cubed will define the exponentials of the value comparatives of A1 and A2




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