QUEST: overself more type 1 web phone concepts

type 1 web phone

concept Henryk Szubinski



OK youre on everest and you need to call a friend

Youll need to look at a specific section of the sky or outer space to define the positional image projection of the friend in outer space and your friend willl have to get a image perspective of you standing on everest as related to your actual position in space time defined by a orbital value where your position is registerd on the fade over from space or the sky into the environement youre positioned into

theese zones can be policed by astronauts who will guide you or define the policies of the positional parameters as well as the sattelite image parameters so that the 2 persons are occupying the same vector value as related to real Earth position values.


so that both theese images fit together you can image fade over into the images so youll be talking on a interactive type screen or goggles and the basis of communications over the spacetime barriers are possible while looking down and looking up..

.basic night usage would involve a blue line to indicate the Earths curvature and the basic scales of the web user as in the sky state

as well as defining the approach vectors for a zoom in function of the caller will also have some basic relative positioning indicators such as the solar point in a horizon level as well as blue line curvatures being defined in a horizontal blue colour vector in a vector directness of the types of levels of positional distance and the relations of global positiionings.

videos courtesy of Youtube


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