flying car: lite VTOL

VTOL developements

in flying cars

By Henryk Szubinski.



general boosting of this OVER LITE vechicle flying car will use the generators to cause a artificial aeroflow on the underside of the vechicle WING as adaptable to W formats or V formats

The basics of the generated flow and the dynamics of the generators being from large to small will define the flow basis of the angle of the Wing as a type 1,2,3 PUMP in interactions with the generator and its induced flow by being responsive to pumping as relates the gravity effect of the vechicle being able to be a VTOL without any great force.


the basis of a weight distributions problem of sustaining lift is =the secondary  pump that will off centre the wei to cause the wing upp =ght values in a type cylinder PUMP much like a car where the sustained cyclations of dynamics flow in 2 levels and the turbine internals externals.



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