space shuttle: curvaturre variance


on the shuttle gravity points

flying car lift functions

By Henryk Szubinski

both videos courtesy of Youtube.



with the data on the types of tubular insertions of the square laws in their dynamics of the Earths atmosphere and the value of the subsequent data on the responsive values of boosting into the opposite vector directions

the data on the values of their similarity in uncertainty = 3 S values on the type set overlays of  2 x 4 = 2 squares with 8 sides the resultance of 3 S as responsive to GO FOR OUT and Back as well as the responsives of a safe return the value common to each = 8 /3

basic looping in and out of the cylinders that combine into INV TAN SQU laws by their sequenced interactions as a dynamics flow system on the expensions way.


= the basis of the exponentials in the derived values of their interactive symmetry on the spacetime levels of the launch parameter exit and enterance

By basic levels and their relative values to which the problems of a point = 1/4 A = gravity

This would stabilse the types of curvature variances on the INV Tan law of the Earths curvature




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