gravity force dimensions


a basic panckake in x,y,z gravity force dimensions

By Henryk Szubinski





By Henryk Szubinski


.the lift moment of the force of displacements such as early man adapted to the formats of displaceing by EVOLUTION from apeman to Human

Basic problems of what value would be similar or related to the motion by dipodic moovement in such a relative zone as the Andromeda galaxy as is actually a pankake galaxy

MEaning that it is warped by the volume of a force sphere in the up and down vector directions.


the basic problems of a spaceship using this law as based on displacement from the Andromeda galaxy towards a parameter where everything is saturated with the usage of this type 1,2,3 H2O force

that the basics of learning it = the total upside down state of relativity with the usage of gravity and force motion

Many suppose that gravity is a force that could have a altered format  = force by the basis of using the gravity on a alternate diemnsion where this force is > gravity and its + Volume of a greater parameter

The opposite is true when the basis of a volume of force is active on the gravity effected by the direction of x and y vectors as is actually a x,y,z vector diemension.


using the handle combinations for a flying car to lift itself like a panckake pan handle lifting itself in place of the pankake or in opposed format as well as together.




Early man might have felt this force as the motivation to lift a leg and start to walk as they gazed up at the sky at night.




the basis of a dotted line and a continuiim vector

as the basis of a difference = 1

so that the

S1+S2 = 1 F/E

.because the 1 value singularity will always be the related to a 1 value multiple

the resultance can be defined as

1 g/ F as well as any other value such as




.how does this work

well a 10 x value of force would be = 100 so that the basis of 1 =10 / 100

= 0.1

to define this then on a predefined basis of a lets say F = 10 as relates to 1

the value is = 10

but the basics of the amount of a continuiim where the value of force = F+1,F+2,F+3,F+4 AND SO ON

a value F 1 = could be the common value as choosing one similar value /amount of force in a sequence where 1 = the highest value in a sequence of top levels where the top level indicatior = 1 as LINKED to the top value of F

To define this on the basis of the left side of the equation

S1 +S2 = this specific relations of a top level S and the S2 as the highest value in a type ODD OUT

so that

S1 low 5   + S top 7  (ODD ) =F 1 low + F 3 top (even)

as this basis for the generations of the formulation.




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