what is the QUEST for the x file



By Henryk Szubinski.



Europeiska flaggan
4 freedooms
the 5th freedoom of knowledge moovement
the 7th framework Chordis 7

want to be a agent or intelligent  a astronaut or a UFO driver

the balanced usage of the dietary salt  NaCl2 and the types of sugar Carbonated Nitrates down to the milligramm as a dietary supplement of the RIGHT STUFF

the right to own a weight scale to perfectly balance the cellular permeability of the cognitive axons and their derived consciousness effected awareness where the basics of human biology = the basis of the regulations of salt as a permeability of Na exchanged with Cl as is with the cognitive functions

the resultance of a human state in SYMBIOSIS with the types of permeability by ionic body to weight relativity would result in the body being in a state of increased awareness so that the types of encounters made with strange entities could easily be related to the molecular representations of lets say a Cl ion = the alpha centaurii system and the biological state of that exo planetary system

As a basic rule this is used regularily to define the interactions of the types of cellular boosted ionic interactions and the types of technologoes that represent the states of awareness;



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