rediscovery of the universe

the human biology universe

By Henryk Szubinski



on documentations of cases of human definitions that went lost in the evolution of the universe and their rediscovery.


on the basis of humans as the variance of the possibilities of quantum mechanics and the deniability of creation by the formats of evolutions as well as any time in the future as deniability by the theoretical astrophysics of the basis of human intelligence as the motivation of dimensional shareing, the multiples of very large time scales as defining the functions of times arrow and the multiple worlds of events displaceing in reverse time as well as forwards time:

The basis of multiverse and the concepts that humans assist each other into a unified state of evolution as well as the types of human interactions by computer aided immersions into artificial intelligence as well as what a robot would need to know to communicate with humans.


the basis of the data on the problems of vector multiples of the human adaptations of the general law of projective value systems that are the basis of the whole universe format as the types of general data that is available on the basics of the formats of

Arthur C. CLarckes 3 laws of the future

by the basics of defining the general modality of the universe as the values in which reversal by a curvature varriance on the data of how a human displaces by computer aidied displacements to parameters that are basically the full formats of the data on displacability and its general limitations of the basis to which a force field gives solis tracktions and the  vectorisations of the spacetime == the basis for the definitions of the resistance of motion by awareness as a similar type of quantum mechanical or quant mechanics = to the data on the resiatnce of a value GAP in altered angles of approach lim x = the basis of the universe as the force that motivates human contact with the external types of exo planetary or exo solar relations by the basics of the universe being the type of displacement into the relative spacetime of the of the basic vector 1 = the spacetime of the point active ressonance of involved data and its definition by USAGE.


tha basis of the general search for a parameter x universe relative for the basis of the general field in which the basis of a theory of their combined relative values would define the basis of the WHOLE as a total of the REMAINING DATA PARAMETERS of the level of no x approach = the reversal by positive value sequences to which the basis of a full PARAMETER LOCATED AS the APPLICATIONS of a ISOLATED value such as a intelligent computeer would need to set it apart form other computers…… the x value……


that x 1 are the static noise between 2 universes communicating


that x2 were planted on earth


that 2 x3  are the relative basis of the genetical trace to Earth


that on Earth, 1 x  is the resultance of 2 x4 humans


that the human genome x5 trace cause is from a alternate planet Earth


that the x6  basis of its genome is alien as yet undiscovered or developing along the genetic starins of a evolved x7  &/or alien


that a x7  is remotely controlled by the disslocative motivations of the interactions with the forces of nature wherever there is life in the universe and that this remote dislocation is the basis for non knowledge based relations between the quantum mechanical world


that a x8  can only define the advances of biological science by the relations to a shared relativity of the basis to develop systems that assist in the problems observed with depletion of natural resources , the ageing problems and the science of decrepitude…


that the basis for the existance of x 9  on alternate planes of awareness is a higher developed technological civilisation and that this as on the ANDROMEDA galaxy would define the priority of a x10 relation were Earth type civilisations would be compared on a lower basis of relative interactions


That the basis for x10 = x 11  exploration of space is based on the shareing of projectes that develop space technologies beyond the fronteirs of space exploration.


That the basis of evolution is the relation of x12  to x12  basis on a lower level of interactions.


that the Earth and the development of technology defined its advanced formats by the usage or cooperations with the 3 laws of robotics


that the basis of a formulation of the general height of a value related to advanced types of x 13  colonisations of outer space would be a vector displacement based on the time remaining of the limited resources of a aquired basis of lunar or planetary, solar or galctic usage on a NOW need to OBSERVE


That x 14  defined each other by the relations of involved research into how the interactions between x 15  defines the laws that define each other

15)sum value is


F= 164x

that there are limitations to how the memory types and the type 1,2,3 H2O is a basis for much of the holistic and the technological basis of its usage by artificial intelligence and artificial memory


that the basis of a larger perspective on human  fysiology would open new fronteirs in the internal parameters of unknown sub atomic data.


.as for a trigonometric value system of the relations of the data on thee general values for discarding the STOP RATE and the displacement S of the universe to define the decimal

164 SR =S Trigonometrical basis 3



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