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By Henryk Szubinski


the problems of most entity investigations are that they are ANIMALS and that their general apperance is of a larger size

So that most cultures have some indication of the animals worshipped in the parameters of EGYPT INDIA TIBET in a situation not solved by arguments to the contrary even by the populations of such cultures So that a type of argumentation of this basis is basically a confrontation based on the super abilities of such entities , as they seem to be , but are in general some mix between a wolf man..

the free space to argue and get the bad emotions out of ones system is generally a option reserved for more civilised nations such as in

the time span when humans went to the moon

as the types of divisives within a nation such as harbours the free state where Elvis was born as being currently in  overself state of deniability in America GRACEVILLE AS THE BASIC PROBLEM IS THE PUBLIC SHOW EVERY COUPLE OF WEEKS OF THE PUBLIC DISGUST on the streets WITH THE CURRENT SYSTEMS ON BOTH SIDES OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION as a type of GATHERING of scientists the greater the amount = the greater the political power of one side in argument against the opposite THIS LOOKS A LOT LIKE A DEMONSTRATION and If not settled continues upto the point of someone going over the edge to the oTHER SIDE…..DOORS and breaking through to the other side


what is a rocknroll system that uses both the MONSTER MANUAL as seen in the Dungeons and Dragons world of fantasy art and the types of data on musical traditions and are there any exo planetary basis for signal events in traditional mixes with  beings such as the wolf man.





. relations of SYMBIOSIS with a parameter  ,as the computer programme to identify the problems of entities .The resultance of the data on the specific uncertainty of the data on the residual values of the problem of economics as dubious .The values in their system values leave some room for the rotation of the Earth into the lite side or the dark side as the basics on motivated displacements in which the full formats or relations are besed on the data generated from the  value lim x = uncertainty by the parameters of the basics in a generated form as = the basis of the star systems out there as the basics of the vector certainty of the TRIGONOMETRY of the data in how certain a identifcation is on the basis of the motivated sides and their TURNING MOMENTS IN THEIR EXO SOLAR star systems.

As the basic relations of the generated data ILLUSTRATIONS = the exponential growth of the basis in which the open angles to Exo planetary and exo solars having the shared common value =Tan x degrees

As well as the data on the basis of the responsive angles being their responsive Cosines /Sinus = delayed vector similarity by the time dialations of similar systems

The error basis = + on a one sided hemisphericality based on the types 1,2,3 systems of H2O technology as the relative zones where the monster manual has open vector ISOCELEES without any CONTACT LINKAGE in the formats of triangulations.


.the total opposite of such a programme in Eourope is totally unknown as a free state to argue in a public representation Eourope and the EU would need a basis in the reference of MARS and some prgrammes to define the Entities of the MARSIAN deities be they animals or men.






as of old or new theese types of MONSTER MANUALS can be stimulating to everyone interested beyond the limits of the world at war and its VEIL OF THE DARK SIDE in relations to planets and star systems.




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