M+ theory: what is a bubble



By Henryk Szubinski

on the basics of the data OFF the dimensionality of UNCERTAINTY basis = to the data on the full value displacements where the reductions by comparative displacement values where

1 S = low displacement


10 S =a high displacement

This type of exponential value system is based on the basics of the whole volume force of motion by mass of H2O in a type internal isolations by a bubble which would make the BUOYANCY = INERTIA

so that the error values =the  the definitions of this type of bubble in motion would use a heavier relation of volume inertia to a larger amount of Inertia of displacement.

.Bubble S = 1+ Vol (Inertia)1/x


.This divisive value will define the amount of angular momentum of a objective where the seperations from a gravity surface such as spacetime and the Earth type environments of H2O do not define any basic difference between the MEMBRANES and what motivates a drop INERTIAL ANGLE on motion as the basis for motion of all universal bodies.




basically the usage of 3 atomic relations and their value pre &/or post related variance of combinations = the state of H2O for example as existant in the exterior zone of the displacement through a zone of the data on the basis of the related to non reversals by the 3 rd law for type 1,2,3 as the H2O and the divisives of the motion specific parameters of the related to response of a refractive external reality on the indications of the types of molecular sequence continuiim as the basis for the usage of the secondary reality that there are only 2 BONDS so that the basis of the type CYLINDERS of H2O are in some way complicated by a singular function of theese bonds as being reduced in a multiple state of the H2O (p) for example as being effected by gravity so that the membrane of the BOND will support the flow of the BOND energy or force by being reduced as it displaces through the BOND so that the displacement on a dynamic level reduces the trace of tthe bond at the alterable levels of the flow as effected by gravity meaning that the BOND values of a force would flow out onto a surface area effected by gravity without any trace of the H2O = BOND between 2 S values of cylinders…

.In the same way the complex internal ingredience of a H2O atom would flow out of it without a remaning MEMBRANE due to the conservations of volumes as transferred to a new state on the surface of gravity areas.

There are many theories on what happens to the MEMBRANES that are CYLINDRICAL: some would basically be reduced by the possibilities of the external laws of the activity by the wastage of the rule to which the external dimensions are the basis for outerspace as the spacetime where a minimal event missing in the EARTH dimension with such dimensional problems would not have any adverse effect as missing in the UNIVERSE as the basic law of the EARTH priority of a H2O special theory:





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