accellerated orbitality: continuiim law of continuiims ; subject HYPE>RSPACE 10 D universe


accellerated orbitality



By Henryk Szubinski

while a photon displaces at the velocity of 300 000 km -2 sec-3

the theory here defines the rotationality of the photon much like a wheel being rotated into basic sections

of c velocity in Circumferencials

the Force as the basic = m.a in which this defines the spacetime GAP into a boosted accelleration value 1 a

the Circumference of a photon = the size at 1 x 10 to the -10 nano metres

the displacement as the amount of Circumferencial rotations of a phtoton as in its displacement BOOST


1620 cF=Cir S


.basic type of GALLOP of a photon in its 4 point values = the multiple rotations of the data as the combined multiple rotations type 1,2,3 WHEEL DISKS in unison of their motion = warp driveing the higher than light speed velocity and anti gravity as the basics of the whole format being the data as its decimal divisives on 3 Cir / the data on the basics of their decimal values

1/3: basically the whole formats of motion are a general construct of its basic motion as the data on the rotationality by external PISTONS

2/3: the basics of the generalisations of a ATTAIN LEVEL = to the APPROACH values of the internal dynamics so that the whole formats and their processed redefinitions are non BASIC to the full usage of the LINK DIMENSIONS

1: basically the whole format of a flying car will have the data on its segemented sections much like a car but with the basics of the data on how the values of transferrance are active by a BIT GAP displaceing between the WHEEL FORMATS.


1620 cF=Cir S

as divisive with the speed of light the resultance

185,185185185185 c F = Cir S

to define the opposite end of this light velocity the division of the 1620/ 300 000

=0.0054 L.Y -2

.basics of the data on the positionality of rotated sections as body mass of a photon and the general supportive force of the angle of their related to inclined relative values and their related to higher rotations as the basics of the whole format = the general values of their compensations of force by the basics of continued motion in which the data will relate to the point positionings of photons and their positional parameters.


.this theory will define any of the following behaviour of force

231, 231231231231

as the velocity or the piston effect of anti gravity


or the basics of the warping of a positional forwards projected jump into light speed



.AS A 10 DIMENSIONAL HYPERSPACE WHERE THE UNIVERSE = 10 x 10 to 13 approximately :

a sequence of 10 digit numbers with their 10 repeat value sequences:






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