universe GRADUALISATION: retracted responsivity


universal retractive responses

By Henryk Szubinski

a DIPP can be utilised as the oppositions of the parameter vectorisations in a square seen from the side as a exponential value as well as the FILLIN of the dipp parameter in which a H2O or fuid type plasma can Gradualise the EXPANSIONSvolume equalisations as well as the basics of the MEan curvature of superfulous interactions on the spread of a fluid plasma type superconductability


.on angles to the horizon, the variance of fluid plasma levels will basically cool down into a square format where there is a basic bulge on the plasma fluids and cooling So that the whole format of a plasma type  level from the H2O fluid state would perforate the plasma solidifications by their exit from a super HOT state = the expansions of the general relations of the plasma universe

So that all of the universe is a type BARRIER to H2O (f); there is no basic danger in the Earth existing in the super hot states of plasma: the basic responses to H2O (f) is that all plasma will behave like a spacetime continuiim in which the warping and concavity or convexity will define the limits of approach to the H2O states of Earth.



this type of dipp construct can utilise the multiple references of the points along a displacement as the waveform generator of a string waveform by basic relations to a sequence of unlimited point values by the difference between stabilisations of a force sequence in the section 5  to 6 as = S x

On the basis of this function , the responsives of a level in which the dipp goes through some basic up and down leveling; the data on a LIFT and GRAVITISE = anti gravity and force fields

The basis of the whole spectral formats of the DIPP being in the general zone of the data as a format for lower levels of their data distributions on the mean value and the basics of the general problems of the whole sequence being =

the data as responsive total GRADULISATIONS of the definitions by which the STRING can be vertical.




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