artificial Intelligence: subject using animal gestations data



By Henryk Szubinski



as a animal in the gestations period of a dipod of a 4 legged animal has some basic awareness of the LINK to its mother by the vectors BASIC  relations of the Buoyancy of its related to motion inside the AMNIO SACK of fluids

basis of uncertainty is the data on displacement made in a conservations of volume comparatives

as well as the exponential of the shared displacement of the central nervous system shareing 2 positions simultaneously

the error values will be the basic height as the only requirement of a data certainty of all the remaining data parameters.



Theese general vectors defines its intelligence and the learning of subsequent motion and adaptability in the environement to which it is born

As the example of a giraffe and the type 1,2,3 H2O relations of the saturations of any amount of molecular vector components this defines the INNER functionings of the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE being developed for robot intelligence

If this can be mimicked as a animal type of specie and the inherent learning of it, the computer type vectors and the learning of a robot would be similar in all respects to a human getational duration inside a animal womb and the period after  being born would define the relations of a robot to the external environement in much the same way as a giraffe that grows to be a fully integrated individual  BIOLOGICAL entity with intelligence.


basic cosines as the length of the mother and the basis of the cognition with its cortex as the extended vector cosine

as the basic knowledge of a environemental interaction by the speed at which the Tan angle alters while the basics of height of the womb is supsended in the gravity value as relates to the tan values of the height and the motion delays and accellerations of the motion of the mother giraffe


In mammals, pregnancy begins when a fertilized zygote implants in the female’s uterus and ends once it leaves the uterus.

Below are average and approximate values ordered by gestation period (note for humans gestational age is counted from the LMP, for other animals the counting method varies, so these figures could be 14 days off):

Animal Average gestation period (days)
American opossum 12 – 13
Golden hamster 15 – 17
House mice 18 – 20
Rabbits 33
Foxes 51 – 63
Cats 62
Dogs 65
Leopards 94
Lions 108
Pigs 115
Beavers 122
Sheep 145
Baboons 187
Moose 245
Humans 259–294
Cattle 283
Horses 336
Giraffes 420-450
Sperm whales 480–590
Rhinos 487
Elephants 600–660

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