radio telescope theory of time delay


magnetic band width

delay data

By Henryk Szubinski


.on constructs of spaceships and faster than light velocity based on the photon tails and their photon frontals that relate to a photon volume force field and its anti gravity photon interactions.



as the triangulations of the point specific delay in the functionings of the basics of the combined levels of data

= to the divisive band width of the  multiples in their responsive usage by the general theory of redimensionalised radio telescopic data as the basic data symmetry of the point delay in the buffer size of the type 1,2,3 DOORS on the PORTALS to the universe by the basic reference limitations of the amount of motion towards a definition of the basic level of data in a singular state value and its x 1/2 = the basis of the amount where

x 1/2 = 2 / F

so that the basics of using the value derived data on the limits of divisive delays = to the formats of their multiple time in a forwards vector direction = (1 + x )t

as this sum value then is the delay in which the total 2x = the value by which the displacement from one fase into alternate fased solid vectors is based on the data that the values of

2x t = 1/2 F + delay

So that delay = 2 t

the format and the system of usage of the data will have some basic uncertainties


as point specific points in LINKED vector Strings and theese in turn = the exponentials of the data being a basic curvature in one vector directions

in which subsequent data relativity = the basis of the whole parameter error = +/- the data on flexations of convexity and concavity

basics of humanoid robots having the ability to controll a radio signal band width and to use half of the data equation to motivate the comm link to a intelligence of universal usage for the basics of its motion data relations for moovement similar to human moovements with the remaining half of the equation of a radio telescopic type division of its response receiver..



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