room spacetime

 the room spacetime

By Henryk Szubinski

a coustomer in a shop tries on the universe

what is the basis of the point specific registrations of points such as molecular sized similarity with the usage of point value definitions of a solid state value and the area or volume in which it is registered as a point in specific relations to the Volume of a temporal room in which the point = the actual existance of a radius responsive solid state:

This defines the existance of a BRANE type reality of using the exchanged representations of a temporal spacetime as being the same in relations to the amount of link points in such a high level of data as is with the

CALCULOUS of areas and Area on one plane as defining the x and y of a square can also define the overlay of x and displaced  y squares to such a level flatness that the cubic volume can be defined on a flat spacetime as the BRANE and the Branes specifics = to the same parameters of a cube with its height width and breadth but on a CALCULOUS planarity where the definitions of the points connecting the electron type volumes on the  flat background square and the flat foreground square as a cubic radius relation in what appears as a 2 Dimensionality of a 3 dimensional volume:



RESISTANCE and the full impulse inside a cube

volume point displacements into a 1 UNIVERSE value of multiple point resisors and their Current

radial displacements

 so that the general increase of the points by 10 x = the temporal room spacetime as being the same as the x approach = the value or volume of the spacetime room and the lim x = a simultaneous similarity of the room spacetime as a continuiim in which the basis of the general values of their Impulse exit and molculars isolated inside defined and proto displaced responsive retractions by the basics of where the point specifics of Areas and Volumes are defined by CUBIC points so that the basics of 6 points- 2 points for expansions = 2 F remaining points + x value continuiim

as the definitions of the points that LINK the fore &/or background planes in calculous spacetime will be defined as a 3D contruct by using the lim x = the x value and the y values as well as the x approaches a infinite proximity to x and y values: much like the dimensional plane at a angle to the exponential curvature of the BRANE dimensions as being LINKED into a flat spacetime room.



The data on how this basic value can be defined as the levels of BRANE compactions and the usage of a multiple volume comparative of the ROOM SPACETIME



 as a gravity floor

the basis for the referenced values of the basis in which the volume of related to multiple VOL = volume 1 / volume 2

as a basis of the data on the specific relations of the data as the types of reductions in a sequence of unccertainty to where a point specific relativity would return back into the ROOM SPACETIME and become too small for a investigative observation as the data  defining the active reductions of the whole problem would be a type usage of the stabilisations of faster than light speed values for 3S = the basics of the ROOM VOLUME and the data on the super electron point resistance needed for warp drive stability of the referenced to REALITY

basically the exponential lim x = the point linkages of the 2 D planars on the 2 D brane continuiim




As the basics of the error = +/- the data on how the general models for the data on a BRANE locator of a reductions problem would define the radials of a cubic spacetime as related to the centre of the CUBE and divisive by a specific amount of divisives

This then is the basics of the general levels of displacement in which the BRANE contact values define the prime relations of the cube as a simulated displacement of the basic 6 sided BRANE CUBE = a S value in a conserved usage of motion as the exponentials


the critical stability field is the INTERACTIVE DIMENSION of the conservations of 6 sides even though the 2 D and 3 D is a vector x,y,z value.



.basically a force field would rotate the whole radial / CUBE S = the motion of A branes into a specific force field and the data on a 6 x value continuiim as the anti gravity of S / r = Gravity so that the BRANE can locate the point multiples of the 6 sides and their radial stabilisations on a inverted level the remaining radial displacements and the usage of BRANE intercies will stabilise the cube as anti gravity by the displacements of 4 point radius relativity.



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