hyperspace 10 D universe


By Henryk Szubinski

right makes it wrong makes it everything

the theory attempts to define the motion of a pair refractions particle and the planes it forms in its vector displacement as branes in a general extensions into larger branes

the hemispheres of refraction of a brane background and foreground will also define the basics of this particle using derived particle pairs from dark matter into a 2 pair S = atomic bonding of 4 related to particles

This then is the basis of a square parameter in motion



a brane caught in a continuiim field of dark matter that is basically a uifiorm filed composed of the with and breadth of all its possible parameters being in a super uniformity

This will extend the BRANE like a hyperspace dimension based on a minimal BRANE prior to the photon JUMPING ITS BASIC values of width and thickness by the same value of the photon = wave form and particle  vibration.

The extent to which the brane can be stretched depends on the uniformity of the dark matter field and how many particle Width or particle thickness defined by a common value particle that defnes its particle bonds in the same way as would H2O in all of its states of matter as being a

interlock Width /thick c 1 (H2O (s))

and the displacement by displacement by a force as

c ( thick / width) H2O (f)

and the basis of the dark matter limit of volume as

c width x thick ( H2O (p))


.width and thick will define the basis of H2O having a surface continuiim as even or uiniform while the bonding defines the thick of the amount of water between theese atomic bonds.


the basics of a ladder into space would at some point start to reduce gravity into a zero gravity state so that a climber on such a brane ladder would have trouble at the start but relative ease at the top most sections:

So what would define the ladder climbing effort into a type of gravity field much like dark matter that would simulate the same ladder climbing parameters as a climber leaving Earth gravity while continuiing outwards through the dark matter zone by increaee and reductions

Though the gravity starts to be reduced at the very instance of starting the climb, the ladder problem as branes displaceing into a gravity similar zone such as Earths without a climber would by basic relations of particle pairs start out on the lower side of the first pairing to a gravity reductions sequence of events ending with the base pair particle in the gravity = zero gravity so that some basic evidence of Branes being in relations to 2 based pairing = the displacement of a brane extensions sequence.




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