limits of evolution




 By Henryk Szubinski
 .for there to be a human basis for what makes humans seperate from all other biological life forms the basis of a minimal system of counting of the evolutionary segmenets of evolutions would have to be known as the similarity basis of the
environmental level of geological progressions with the human evolutive ability of each human evolutionary stage as 10 in total meaning that cro magnum to sapiens and so on in 10 levels would imply a prehistory of such large values of differencail computations made with the present human root functions of the ability to count without limitations would imply that the stages were shared amongst humans in the CHECK regions so that the level 3 = 3 million years the difference of differenciality of the stages 3 to 4 would have a very small value x = to the root value of the amount of time needed to make a associative record of the ability to think it and as such a very large value possibly the 3 million ´1 or 2 root values maning the root must be 70 % of the durationality of cro magnum as a 1 million year old to 70 % certainty while the next evolutive stage would use the 30 % remaining into the  fase of 2 million years ago:
At some specific stage the complications of percentage values becomes complex and time can  be defined as reversable meaning that for this to be a forwards time active value, the activity of the evolutionary stages of humans were frozen in time: probably by ICE:
 the basics of a freeze sphere and the relative human freeze states as related to by multi branch evolutions of humans and the type zones where freezing of pre humans has occured on all the earth zones
what you are observing is the time continuiim of the ability of humans to think time in progression from t 1 + 1 = a full sense of the environments of evolution as the ability of humans to think and count simultaneously
THE REAL values of the definition of the activity itself as shown in the video is a indication that this is a evolutionary known function of having learnt the displacement as a value of a dimensional parameter of evolution.
deniability by prereferenced 40 000 years pre as non clothed remaining evidence



INTERNAL HITORY ON ÖZTI = 5 000 years is probably a fake as indicative of the jump made into clothing usage = 35 000 years is the time locations of :




Ötzi the Iceman on a sheet covered stainless steel autopsy table


Ötzi the Iceman
(pronounced [ˈœtsi] ( listen)), Similaun Man, and Man from Hauslabjoch are modern names for a well-preserved natural mummy of a man who lived about 5,300 years ago.[1] The mummy was found in September 1991 in the Schnalstal glacier in the Ötztal Alps, near Hauslabjoch on the border between Austria and Italy.[2] The nickname comes from the Ötztal (Ötz valley), the Italian Alps in which he was discovered. He is Europe’s oldest natural human mummy, and has offered an unprecedented view of Chalcolithic (Copper Age) Europeans. His body and belongings are displayed in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, northern Italy (Alto Adige, also known as Southern Tyrol

the problems of the location as in GLACIAL relations and remaining there for 4000 years would imply that the DANUBE maybe was as high as the mountain regions and flowing with greater amounts of glacial ice at the top most level:

is a
1984 science fiction film from Universal Studios. The screenplay was written by John Drimmer and Chip Proser, and was directed by Fred Schepisi. The cast included John Lone, Timothy Hutton, Lindsay Crouse and Danny Glover


.This movie received an
MPAA rating of PG. It was filmed in color with Dolby sound and ran for 100 minutes. The DVD version was released in 2004


the case for art being >in time than the concept of clothing
 = older than 100 000 years of object wearing rather than clothing


Ancient Art on the Danube



On Dec. 18, 2003, several German newspapers carried the headline: “Discovered—Mankind’s Oldest Work of Art.” These headlines echoed in more popular terms a scientific article in Nature magazine titled, “Paleolithic Ivory Sculptures from Southwestern Germany and the Origins of Figurative Art.”
To quote from one news report:
“In the cave known as the Fels Cave near the town of Schelklingen in the Swabian Alps, archaeologists from the University of Tübingen have discovered three small sculpted figures made of mammoth tusk ivory. According to reports by one of the leaders of the research team, Prof. Nicholas Conard, these objects represent a horse head, an aquatic bird, and a lion-man. The age of the find has now been determined by radiocarbon dating, as more than 30,000 years old. Thus they are among mankind’s oldest works of art.”
Objects with these same themes, and also 30,000 years old, had already been found in nearby caves. In Vogelherd, for example, there is a horse sculpture from the Vogelherd cave.

A researcher in Tübingen states the obvious: “The area of the upper Danube, including the caves of the Swabian Alps, was a center of cultural development of modern man. It is in this area, in four caves: Hohle Fels, Vogelherd, Hohlenstein-Stadel, and Geissenklösterle, that, so far, 18 ivory figures have been found which belong to the oldest traditions of mankind’s figurative art. Further finds from these caves are old stone age musical instruments, jewelry, and tools.”


But artistic objects approximately 30,000 years old have also been found in Austria and other countries, and even in Siberia (although not with the same density as in South Germany)! In Siberia, the head of a bear carved onto the vertebra of a woolly rhinoceros was found, near Tolbaga along the Khilok River, together with artifacts, also 30,000 years old. In Galgenberg (near Stratzing, Austria), the famous “Venus from Galgenberg” was found, a very nice piece of stone art, probably representing a woman, about 28,000 B.C..
In southern France, to mention just one site among many, old paintings have been found in the Chauvet Cave, dating 32,000 years ago, which represent, among other things, the woolly rhinoceros, whose horns were used in Siberia to carve weapons and artistic objects.
    The actual evidence of old is that CHECK regions are 50 million years old to 500 000 and the objects worn as being geologically tracable materials of the times of great Earth moovements

basically starting about 1 million years ago and that knowledgability of the meaning of geology as a decorative format implies the hot periods of geological history and that human interactions would have been from the times of change from cold to hot being the related to 2 million years ago and the subsequent associative requirements of a pre human intelligence in a triangulation and how early humans knew how to moove = 3 million years

with the basic gap being 1 million years

 and have as their basis of denaiability a example cited here as

REGION = TOULKNY CHECK as internal history defined as discretion advised on internal history usage for deniability of ALL KNOWLEDGE DENIED TYPES OF FORMATS OF GETTING ON with the natural scientific work

Basically 5 million years of deniavbility of such a small segement of time as used in the sentence defined previously:

data on continued relations imply that the sector for deniability could be based on individual examples of cro magnum man as a individual who lives by himself for 1 million years in the state of deniability based on the environemental surroundings and the realisation that this specia alteration lived in the Check groupings with the conceptuality of TOULKNY amongst humanoid PRE EVOLVED TYPES

and that this type of sector data was the basis of responsive deniability which was not usable by the subsequent ideologoes of Eourope as the lie that the TOULKNY as a format for reusage had the time basis of deniability in usage against the old systems of Eourope to such a degrree of time that even the definition of its context by the measure of time taken to exctract theese small deniability values = a few year of a individual work to define the resource of denials as related to 5 million collectively as

1 + 2 + 3 = 6 million as a type of early prehistoric HISTORY used for counting in a natural progression

 years and the alterations of each individual evolutionary leap = 10 or so Groupings all centered in the CHECK regions and as such the only related to start basis of the languages used by individuals who survived for at the most 1 million years…

The artistic and exploratory activities selected for description here should be enough of a proof of the artistic and technical inventiveness that our ancestors had and used around 30,000 years ago. I cannot judge whether these activities were the result of one culture, but surely, along the border of the ice, from France to Siberia (to limit myself to northern Europe), the same quality of human mind was at work. Without entering into any theoretical debate about aesthetics, there is no doubt that such objects and paintings are pieces of art in the strict sense of the word. This fact, this use of art, when “material needs” would have seemed to have the absolute priority, tells us more about the worth and meaning of “spirituality” than any modern treatise about aesthetics.
As especially the objects depicting the man/animal tell us, these human beings had become conscious of the fundamental paradox of human nature: Man’s essence is the paradox of a being who, at the same time, is “nature” and “transcending nature.” Spiritual needs, the creative powers, had become conscious to these people, and they were communicating this in a language that is still understandable to us today. It is the recognition and the feeding of that spiritual power which, in my opinion, is the engine driving these peoples to explore and colonize new regions, to master new technologies, and to gain new knowledge about the rotating Sun, Moon, and stars.

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