conservations of natural force


natural force conservations

By Henryk Szubinski.



data on the avialability of the basic definitions of the responses made by type aquatic life and the H2O as a volume of responsive interactions by larger mammalian types oftheir ressonance = the values by which the general data on the basics of the whole formats of moovement by ability in the general space of the usage of liquid based H2O relations as their interactive values on responsive aquatic life = the data on the basics of the usage of a surface level to which the basis of high gravity values are alterable on the basis of the motion of H2O related basis of the basics in which the data will include a general gravity equation for the usage of a surface area and the basis of multiple derived values in sequences of strings as their basis of volumetrical values of a H2O type basis in the basics of the type H2O environements as their related to EARTH technology = solar technology and the basis of the multiples+ definitioning of the type Andromeda galaxy relations where the data on the basics of the motor designs of spaceships and flying cars has some basic multiples and their referenced usage of the data as the prime levels of the common value or mean in which the  data of their origin by displacements is based on the basics of the levels and their responsive data of a similar value such as 3 x = S

where the basics of their motivated motion specific vectors of the data being reliant on responsive levels in their solid basis = to the basic usage of 3 levels as their volume motivations by motion in the specifics of 3 levels of Earth to solar to galactic

as the similarity to H2O aquatic environements where the basis of the levels of fluidity = some basic reference values on the EARTH to solar to galactic as the levels in which the instance of similarity by a repeat response = the levels of approach x values where the lim x =the basics of the motion specifics being the fuel based relations of the data on how the types of manipulations of dorsal finns and their manipulative grappling functions can have the same basis of the levels and their basics of the responsives in time reversal.

The basics of the data on the limits of the general basis of the full values of lift by a dipodic left sided gravity value where there are 4 such references to be made: as the basics of the data on a lower frontal vele of the general levelings of the projective levels and their displacement similarity by the basics of the whole value dimensions being simplified into a level of the data on what a basic aquatic cellular life format or its larger universal type of force field into higher than light speed velocity in the basis for layers in compression by the formats of volumetricality on the left side of the equation and the volumes of motivated FORCE = m.a as the section of manual input volume to Force levels and their basic values in the motivations for the force of motion by similar volume internals.

The basics of the uncertainty is based on the curvature into zones that are based on the override possibility of the basics in the flatness of gravity as the related to responsives of their basic zones of aquired limits of force by the increase of a singular value in motion displacements .

The values of such displacements are related to the basics of the continuiim of data ..The types of force used in the basics of the increase as shared by aquatic lifeforms = the basis of motivated increases of values = x

on their basic definitions of the increased or decreased levels of H2o flow by motion in which the motivations of their input = the basis of the miultiple levels and the basis for derived supply..

As a function of time the levels of cool are basic to the usage of a distributions law for the basics of the general laws of the divisive decimal value of the prime value and the secondary as based on 1/2 = x in supply by the difficulties of motion as regulated on the basis of the multiple data escape velocity of a flying car and the  responsive types of alterability by the assisted types of H2O interactions with the main volume of H2O as a aquatic environement for the basis of the displacements ahead of the data on the future of the basis in which the data will be a format of delay on the volume inputs as based on the conservations of natural force..

By the simulatability of freeze on the levels of non fluidity ,the basis for the motion delays of bio functions = to the types of regenerations of wastage problems by the thaw out oflarger ice values than the types of frozen aquatic food cycle force  in its delayed state of nurishmenets for a later projective usage without any basic delays with the land based bio formats as snow and the supply of new H2O based interactions in a prjective type maintainement of the difference between types of H2O =1,2,3

or the basics of EARTH ————>SOLAR————>GALACTIC values of freezing and interaction:



Cryopreservation is a process where cells or whole tissues are preserved by cooling to low sub-zero temperatures, such as (typically) 77 K or −196 °C (the boiling point of liquid nitrogen). At these low temperatures, any biological activity, including the biochemical reactions that would lead to cell death, is effectively stopped. However, when cryoprotectant solutions are not used, the cells being preserved are often damaged due to freezing during the approach to low temperatures or warming to room temperature.


the point made here is that a frozen bio organism in nature on the land surface freezes over at some point in time giving the very special positionings on earth to be frozen long enough for the later dissolvance into the water environement on a lower level to be interactively used by the organisms which have increased  their life span by the cooling of their body functions as well as being in slowed down state they can then absorb the nutrients in the type SNOW basis of frozen external land surface values of a temperature compression ..

.There is some research on the reproductions of assesual organisms that would conserve natural force in this way giving multiple organism gender types.


the basics of replicated areas by a gap value which is similar to the basis of a displacement gap between curvatures as the basis of all life on our EARTH or in every exo solar system with exo planetary bio formats of H2O in its types 1,2,3


learning to turn in the flow of force by buoyancy



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