VELVET:on the open states between PRAGUE and VIENNA as well as East Germany




the velvet revolution in 1988 to 1989

By Henryk Szubinski


.Europeiska flaggan

4 freedooms

5th freedoom of knowledge moovement


the 7th framework Chordis7

opened the basic routes through western Germany and the Vienna of which the crown of many a Vienesee emepror took to hold the title of emperor

The basics of the relations of Prague where the Velvet revolution began is a basic VERY HIGH CULTURAL MOTIF or JEWEL of LUXURY as seen through the eyes of the surrounding neighbouring nations of which Vienna is also known of as a type VELVET under covering to display the motif of all its ritches by the matterials used to such grade of craftsmanship that the ALCHEMIST ALLEY was known as a type Corridoor that existed between theese nations based on the Velevt materials and their very high quality..

To appreciate this It is necessary to see the types of materials used in the presentations of their objectives placed on such pedestals of power and beauty: being 3 or more times more beautiful than the objects themselves: the Jewels gained a higher reference to the types of environments made to public display of the types of environments of castle life and its inhabitatnts in a short yet powerfull statement of very high Ritches..

.There would be Velvet on the floors, velvet on the door paddings and velvet on all of the furniture as well as the representative of tables and pedestals:To define the types of welcoming ceremonies Theese representations of power were reserved for the bypassers through Eouropes capitals of emperor and king rule..

To have the right of passage through a turbulent Eourope and to have enough infuence in the nature of politics; the guests of such great nations and their capitols of power, were invited to appreciate and to live amongst the great palaces and their many sculpural masterpieces…Being as such the velvet and the placement of jewels IT IS A invitation to try on the Jewels and to be shown the greatness and immensity of the GUEST AND THE GUIDE through what is a open Eourope and a Eourope of ones origin be it EU 20 or EU 22 , the basis of such great craftsmanship is based on the TOUR DE FORCE and remains as such a Force of the <GUEST BEING GUIDED through the greatness of EOUROPE in its old and in its new LOOK as a Eouropean union and its many ritches..

Among the most important regalia of the Austrian Empire are the following:

a tour de force gives freedoom of moovement without any appending problems and is part of the general basis of PRAGUE being the cause of the Eouropean Union

tour de force (tr d fôrs, frs)

n. pl. tours de force (tr) 

A feat requiring great virtuosity or strength, often deliberately undertaken for its difficulty: “In an extraordinary structural tour de force the novel maintains a dual focus” (Julian Moynahan).


[French : tourturn, featdeofforcestrength.]

tour de force French [tur də fɔrs (English) ˈtʊə də ˈfɔːs]

n pl tours de force [tur (English) ˈtʊə] 

a masterly or brilliant stroke, creation, effect, or accomplishment 

[literally: feat of skill or strength]
TOUR DE FORCE can mean many things
Basically a nation shows its ritches to a invited guest ,
concerning a space ships functions or its artificial Intelligence as it can run through all of the functions
or a unknown force presents itself as other than the unknown


Noun 1. tour de forcetour de force – a masterly or brilliant feat 

exploitfeateffort – a notable achievement; “he performed a great feat”; “the book was her finest effort”

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