cars that fly: subject : the slingshooter


By Henryk Szubinski

named after the spirit of Szubinski





the sling shoot is the basic form that curves into the turbines

and sustains a liftability of this flying car

a slingshoot around the sun of a comet will basically rotate about the sun at a increased velocity

This design however does something extra

IT WILL SLINGSHOOT AT SUCH VALUES that the displacement of the point objective in rotation will boost into and through the turbines giving a effect similar to the commet displaced out of the gravity field behind it and into the centre of the galaxy in the shadow of the sun

Which is the basic tail section and its data following

THE TAIL SECTION WILL FUNCTION BY THE BIND VALUE of the tail section of the sun at the interval value of the 1/3 solar orbit for the zone where the commet does to accelleration and will do the same thing with the tail section of this flying car so that the tail section can simulate this LINK and LOCK in motion curvature by a basic field of magnetism of electrical conductivity similar to the alternate hemisphere of the sun and whats behind it in a delay fromat = stretching the tail outwards and using shorter LINK sections for artificial SLINGSHOOTING sections at its tail.



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